February 28, 2009

NYPB expands horizons with ‘other’ drumming

Jeff QueenNormally pipe bands are happy to bring in one or two pipe band drummers to teach pipe band technique, but the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland is making an unusual move this winter when it comes to organizing a workshop for its drummers.
At the band’s workshop on February 28th and March 1st, the drummers of the NYPB will have exclusive access to guest instructors Jeff Queen and Pete Lockett. Making the trip to Glasgow from Indianapolis, Queen is a five-time American Drum Corps International World Champion. Lockett, on route to Delhi, is a renowned Indian/African percussionist with numerous recordings, including the recent Quantum of Solace soundtrack to the last James Bond movie, and his latest album Kingdom of Rythym.
Pete Lockett“We are very excited to have the two amazing top drummers flying in,” said Alisdair McLaren, director of the NYPB. “We hope that we will learn a lot to use in our own future productions, and that they might learn a thing or two from the best young pipe band snare drummers in Scotland.”
According to McLaren the workshop, which is exclusively for NYPB members, is designed to “expand drumming knowledge,” since the band is focused purely on performance band, rather than competition. The NYPB comprises members from bands across the United Kingdom, and is open to all who are interested in joining it or its recently announced Development band.
The NYPB has a concert scheduled at the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness, Scotland, on April 4th, where National Piping Centre Director Roddy MacLeod and the Celtic folk group Breabach will also perform.


  1. In terms of exposure to other forms of drumming, percussion, and the wide world of ethnic rhythms; students of the pipe band idiom are often placed on a very narrow track. I think this is a great move on the part of the NYPB!

  2. A great step in the right direction imho. Nothing quite like World Music to open up new musical horizons, open up attitudes and pave the way for the music to get out!! Hopefully there will be lots of improvisatory stuff.

  3. Jeff Queen is a monster player, awesome teacher and a really great guy all ’round. Very lucky bunch of kids at the NYPB drum corps. The pipers should attend as well! HOSS



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