January 31, 2007

New CLASP contests to run at the home of the Clasp

Scotland’s Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers (CLASP) has announced that it has expanded once again with the Northern Meeting Piping Competitions planning to hold new amateur events at the September 2007 gathering in Aviemore, Scotland.

The CLASP contests at the Northern Meeting will be for adult amateur pipers, and graded as per the League’s system. The events will not be an official part of the Northern Meeting, but will operate during the established competitions, which are considered by most to be the World’s pre-eminent solo piping event.

“The Northern Meeting piping competitions welcome the creation of this new competition for amateurs, which will undoubtedly further the cause of piping in Scotland and throughout the world,” the Northern Meeting said in an exclusive statement to pipes|drums.

CLASP also revealed that it has struck a sponsorship deal for 2007 with R.G. Hardie & Co. bagpipe makers of Glasgow. Details of the sponsorship were not revealed.

Before CLASP was introduced by the National Piping Centre in 2005, Scotland’s solo piping system did not cater to amateur players older than 18. Previously in the United Kingdom pipers had to compete either in “junior” or “senior” events.

In addition to Scottish events, CLASP competitions will be held in England, the Republic of Ireland, the United States and Italy in 2007.


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  1. I guess this is a good idea. The idea of all those dreadful adult pipers competing at the same venue reserved for the world’s very best is a bit unsettling though. But good on CLASP for giving people like me a place to compete.

  2. Further to ‘Dave G’s comment, could someone please explain to me, and i’m sure many others, why so many people are so down on their standard of piping. If you think you are ‘dreadful’ – practice harder and with more structure. I am an adult amateur piper and i’m able to produce good quality tone and balance as are many of my fellow amateurs. Dave G – you’re so negative you’d be as well to sell your pipes and spend the money sitting in a bar moaning instead of infecting fine sites like this with your pathetic attempts at humour. If you think you’re rubbish you’ll stay rubbish! To finish – well done to Margaret and the CLASP set up for offering an alternative to slogging round the games competeing against gold medalists. Competing in open competition is no indication of quality.



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