December 31, 2007

New Roddy MacLeod site offers piobaireachd sound-files, scores

Roddy MacLeod’s piobaireachd website, Roddy MacLeod Piobaireachd, has gone live after four months of planning and preparation. The site complements his Roddy MacLeod MBE Piobaireachd Volume 1 CD unveiled last August during the Piping Live festival in Glasgow.

The new website offers piobaireachd sound files and manuscripts for sale online, with the scores designed to reflect MacLeod’s timing and interpretation exactly, using a system developed by Alberto Massi of Italy.

“I suppose the site is an idea that developed as a result of being asked where students could find complete pipe recordings of particular piobaireachds,” MacLeod said. “I started to think about pulling together what I had already done myself at various events and Pipeline programs. Then I began to think it might just be easier for a variety of reasons to start from scratch.”

Also to come will be canntaireachd versions of the tunes, which uses Robert MacNeil MusicWorks‘ “Bagpipe Music Writer” to play the tunes, guiding pipers through the vocables. MacLeod said that the feature may help to demystify canntaireachd, while using the ancient system of notation as a useful teaching tool.

MacLeod said that he has worked with producer Murray Blair to record about 50 tunes. “The aim is to just keep adding on a regular basis.”

Roddy MacLeod is Principal of the National Piping Centre in Glasgow and has won just about every piping prize in the UK. In 2003 he was made a Member of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth for services to piping.

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