August 31, 2002

North American Champions: SFU

Maxville, Ontario – August 3, 2002 – The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band won the North American Championship against a field of four other Grade 1 bands on a cloudless, warm day in eastern Ontario.

SFU took straight first prizes, though several of the judges admitted that it was a close call with the Toronto Police, which finished second.

The Windsor Police Pipe Band continued its 2002 undefeated streak by winning the Grade 2 event.

In the Professional Solo piping, Bruce Gandy of Halifax won all the light music events. Harvey Dawson, Toronto, won both Professional Solo Drumming prizes.

Grade 1: 1st SFU, 2nd Toronto Police, 3rd City of Washington, 4th Peel Regional Police, 5th 78th Highlanders (Halifax)
Grade 2: 1st Windsor Police, 2nd Niagara Police, 3rd Fredericton Society of St. Andrew, 4th North Coast, 5th Oran Mor, 6th Dartmouth & District
Grade 3: 1st Toronto Police, 2nd 87th Cleveland, 3rd Durham Regional Police, 4th Ottawa Police, 5th Manchester, 6th St. Andrew Society, Winnipeg
Grade 4: 1st Schenectady, 2nd 8 Wing, 3rd Chicago Caledonian Pipe Band
Grade 5: 1st St. Thomas, 2nd Guilford & Glencoe District Juvenile, 3rd Ann Arbor

Professional Solo Piping
Piobaireachd: 1st Ian K. MacDonald, Whitby, Ont.; 2nd Andrew Rogers, Halifax; 3rd Bruce Gandy, Halifax; 4th Andrew Hayes, Nepean, Ont.; 5th Robert Crabtree, Toronto; 6th Andrew Berthoff, Toronto. Judge: Jim McGillivray
March: 1st Bruce Gandy, 2nd Ian K. MacDonald; 3rd Andrew Hayes; 4th Robert Crabtree; 5th Michael Grey, Dundas, Ont.; 6th Andrew Berthoff. Judge: Reay Mackay
Strathspey & Reel: 1st Bruce Gandy; 2nd Michael Grey; 3rd Robert Crabtree; 4th Matthew Turnbull, Michigan; 5th Ian K. MacDonald; 6th Andrew Berthoff. Judge: Willie Connell
Jig: 1st Bruce Gandy; 2nd James McHattie; 3rd Matthew Turnbull; 4th Scot Walker, Emaus, Pennsylvania; 5th Andrew Hayes; 6th Michael Grey. Judge: Willie Connell

Professional Solo Drumming
MSR: 1st Harvey Dawson, 2nd Iain Maderios, 3rd Scott Armit, 4th Andrew Hoinicki, 5th Jacqui Troy, 6th Alex Kuldell. Judge: Jim Hutton
HP/Jig: 1st Harvey Dawson, 2nd Andrew Hoinicki, 3rd Jacqui Troy, 4th Scott Armit, 5th Iain Madeiros, 6th Alex Kuldell. Judge: R. Reid.


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