September 30, 2003

North Coast Wins Pennsylvania Grade 2 Contest

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – September 27-28, 2003 – The North Coast Pipe Band of Cleveland, Ohio, came out first in the annual “Celtic Classic” pipe band contest, despite the Glengarry Pipe Band of Maxville, Ontario, winning three out of four events outright.

Final results are tabulated across a Medley, two MSRs, and an Air & 6/8 March events, with ultimate placings based on each of the two days. North Coast tied in the end with Glengarry, but the deadlock was broken by ensemble marks.

The first prize of US$5000 is the richest in the pipe band world.

1st North Coast
2nd Glengarry
3rd Saffron United
4th Oran Mor

The Manchester, Monaghan and Tulach Ard pipe bands also took part.

Judges: Saturday MSR and Medley: Piping: Chris Hamilton, Hugh Goldie; Ensemble: Sandy Keith; Drumming: Andy White. Sunday MSR and Air & 6/8 March: Piping: Sandy Keith, Hugh Goldie; Ensemble: Chris Hamilton; Drumming: Andy White.


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