August 31, 2006

North Lanark Games continues to grow

Almonte, Ontario – August 26, 2006 – Under perfect weather conditions the North Lanark (Almonte) Highland Games hosted a record 22 pipe bands.

Grade 3 (medley)
1st 400 Squadron
2nd Rob Roy

Grade 4 (medley)
1st Arnprior-McNab
2nd Brighton Legion
3rd Ottawa Police

Novice (march medley)
1st Rob Roy (Gr 5)
2nd Smiths Falls Gordon
3rd 413 Wing AFAC

Solo Piping
Grade 1
March: 1st Andrew Killick. S&R: 1st Andrew Killick. Jig:
1st Andrew Killick

Grade 2
March: 1st Christian McCartney, 2nd James Clark, 3rd Jonathan Verrett. S&R: 1st James Clark, 2nd Allison MacDonald, 3rd Karrie McLeod. Jig: 1st James Clark, 2nd Karrie McLeod, 3rd Christian McCartney

Grade 3
March: 1st Emily Gerrie, 2nd Grant McDougall, 3rd Dan Cameron. S&R: 1st Emily Gerrie, 2nd Andrew Munro, 3rd Grant McDougall

Grade 4
March: 1st Brendan Culver, 2nd Asher Dodenhoff, 3rd Scott Cameron

Grade 5
1st Michael Ahronson, 2nd McGregor Van de Ven, 3rd Michael McDonald

Senior Amateur Piobaireachd: 1st Andrew Killick

Intermediate Amateur Piobaireachd: 1st Jonathan Verrett, 2nd Allison McDonald, 3rd Lyle Davidson

Junior Amateur Piobaireachd: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Brendan Culver, 3rd David Campbell

Novice Amateur Piobaireachd: 1st Allison Bell, 2nd Scott Cameron, 3rd Kathleen Fraser-Collins

Solo Drumming
Grade 3: 1st Doug Crowe, 2nd Iain Bell, 3rd Devin Roberts

Grade 4: 1st Leah Westervelt, 2nd Ian Thompson, 3rd Jordan Duval

Grade 5: 1st Theresa Smith, 2nd Dylan Stewart, 3rd Kimberley MacDonald

Open Bass: 1st Jason Overton, 2nd Sandra Turner, 3rd Peter Sullivan

Open Flourishing Tenor: 1st Sandra Turner, 2nd Kendra Towns, 3rd Dylan Stewart

Ron Rollo, Amy Garson, and Brian Williamson shared the solo piping judging, Tom Foote judged the drumming, and all judged the bands.


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