October 31, 2001

Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band

Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band

The Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band of Oslo, Norway, has the distinction of being that country’s first organized pipe band. Started in 1995 by Åge Jonny Jørgensen, Stig Ulvad, John MacAlister-Hall and Don Hunter, among others, the band’s original name was the MacLeod Pipes & Drums of Norway.

The first practices took place at premises owned by the Salvation Army, and today the band is led by former Boghall & Bathgate piper Robert Robertson. 15 years ago Robertson led Boghall’s Juvenile grade band, and today he teaches learners to play ether pipes or drums in Oslo Caledonian.

The band itself is so far ungraded. It features pipers from Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, and the occasional visiting player from the United States. All the current drummers and a few pipers are Norwegians. The band operates with English as their language.

Robertson has so far taught five people to play pipes from scratch, and a few or the learners are Scots. The band is currently planning to enter competitions in Scandinavia in the spring of 2002.

Contact: Åge Jonny Jørgensen.


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