August 31, 2009

PPBSO finalizes Champion Supreme winners

The Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario has made final its Champion Supreme awards for 2009, with winners in each band and solo grade and category.
The 78th Fraser Highlanders and Hamilton Police took the Grade 1 and Grade 2 titles with unbeaten seasons, while the remaining grades were tightly contested.
In the solo categories, James MacHattie of Toronto secured the Professional Piobaireachd award, while Alex Gandy of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, won the Professional Light Music category. Elizabeth Sheridan of Oakville, Ontario, won both the Grade 1 Amateur Light Music and Senior Amateur Piobaireachd categories. Graham Brown of Milton, Ontario, won the Professional Snare Drumming Champion Supreme title.
The organization provides separate awards in solo piping, recognizing light music and piobaireachd in independent aggregate points. This year, the organization implemented a new Champion Supreme point-structure for pipe bands, which rewards bands for the depth of the competition based on the number of entrants competing at events. The PPBSO is considering using a similar system for solo awards.
The organization will formally present the awards at its annual Highland Ball on Saturday, November 7th, at the Sheraton Hotel in Hamilton, Ontario.
PPBSO 2009 Band Champion Supreme Winners
Grade 1: 78th Fraser Highlanders
Grade 2: Hamilton Police
Grade 3: Durham Regional Police
Grade 4: Hamilton Police (Gr4)
Grade 5: Durham Regional Police (Gr5)
Solo Piping
Professional: James MacHattie
Senior Amateur: Elizabeth Sheridan
Intermediate Amateur: Jonathan Snow
Junior Amateur: Dylan Whittemore
Novice: Kaitlyn Billing / Andrew Hutton (tie)
Light Music
Professional: Alex Gandy
Grade 1: Elizabeth Sheridan
Grade 2: Jonathan Bellia
Grade 3: Dylan Whittemore
Grade 4: Edward Watt
Grade 5: Erin McClenaghan
Over-45: George Sinclair
Solo Drumming
Professional: Graham Brown
Grade 1: Iain Bell
Grade 2: Cameron McKail
Grade 3: Cameron Bolly
Grade 4: Callum McKail
Grade 5: Devin McIlveen
Professional: Cameron McGibbon
Amateur: Lina Bruni
Novice: Kathleen Little
Solo Bass
Professional: Cameron McGibbon
Amateur: Iain Rickets-Moncur
Professional: Mattew Bellia
Amateur: Ryan Robertson
Novice: Fiona Weir
Professional: Andrew Elliott
Novice: Midori Tonagai
Professional: Kevin MacHeffner
Novice: Alan Lowery




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