September 30, 2010

PPBSO overhauls organizational by-laws at one-hour, 12-member meeting

The Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario held a special general meeting on September 25th to decide whether to accept new by-laws that would restructure the organization. Twelve members attended the afternoon meeting, and the proposed measures were accepted.

The discussion lasted about an hour, and the attendant dozen made only one amendment: “allowing the Board of Directors flexibility in how to deliver future meeting notices.”

The mail notice of meeting was received by PPBSO members a few days before September 25th. The organization had provided an alert and information about the meeting months in advance on its website.

Among other changes, executive representation of the PPBSO’s branches has been cut in half, with each branch’s president and vice-president receiving voting power.

The PPBSO 2010 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 27th, at 1 pm.

The revision to the by-laws was the fourth such change since the organization’s inception in 1947.


  1. I wanted to attend this meeting, but was unable to as our band had a function that day. I’m glad that the proposal went through as I was going to vote for the amendment.



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