January 31, 2009

Pipers spinning wheels in innovative competition

Some would say that spinning judges can have a lot to do with success in piping and drumming competitions, but the Grade 3 City of Edinburgh Pipe Band is taking spinning literally with its “Pipe-Majors’ Wheel of Fortune Competition” this Saturday.
Rather than the familiar format for a solo piping competition, the band has organized a contest that combines the playing of traditional music with creative fun.
Among other requirements, each competitor must tell a funny story or joke and spin a wheel that determines the content of their medley. The wheel includes items such as “Willie Ross tune,” “Roddy MacDonald tune,” “Breton music” and “Gallician.” Each player then must perform an impromptu medley derived from the selected categories.
Result are determined from audience and selected judges’ votes.
Competitors at this year’s event are Stuart Liddell, Douglas Murray, Brian Lamond, Kevin McNulty, Ross Cowan, Cameron Ritchie and Derek Graham.
The Pipe-Majors’ Wheel of Fortune Competition will be on January 10th, at 1 pm at the Danderhall Miner’s Club, Edmonstone Road, Danderhall, Scotland, and tickets are priced at £10 (children £5) and can be purchased in advance by e-mail from the band. Proceeds go to the City of Edinburgh Pipe Band.


  1. One from previous years: Three surgeons are at a surgical conference, and after the days proceedings, they’re settled in a bar, chatting about some of the wonderful work they’ve done. First surgeon says, A few years ago

  2. It’s worth trying something a little different, of sorts, now and again. But I’d prefer to see that left in the hands of the performers. They are creative enough to put on a show and a half, surely? Is this really different and innovative? I’d prefer to roll up and be entertained by the varying musical styles and personalities that shine through. Save the jokes for the bar afterwards. The lucky dip draw is nothing new but one would have thought all these players are capable of a surprise or two of their own design…? Good luck with the event. Some ripping players on the bill!



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