July 31, 2000

RSPBA Adds One More Spot to World’s Qualifying Round

The National Council of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association — the organization’s governing body — has voted to extend the final round of the World Pipe Band Championship to a total of 13 bands, thus leaving room for six bands to qualify in the morning round.

Until now, with seven bands having already qualified either through accruing points via the new League Table system on trial this year, or (as in the case of the World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band) by merit of being a so-called “overseas” band that placed in the 1999 World’s, only five qualifying spots were open.

Already qualified are:

Boghall & Bathgate (3rd at British, 5th at European)
Field Marshal Montgomery (4th at British, 1st at European)
McNaughton’s Vale of Atholl (7th at European, 7th at British)
ScottishPower (6th at British, 2nd at European)
Simon Fraser University (1999 World Champion)
Shotts & Dykehead (1st at British, 3rd at European)
Strathclyde Police (2nd at British, 4th at European)

Bands competing in the March, Strathspey & Reel qualifying round, in their order of play:

1. McNeilstown (N. Ireland), 2. Hydro Electric Buchan, 3. 78th Fraser Highlanders (Canada), 4. St Laurence O’Toole (Ireland), 5. Los Angeles Scots (United States), 6. Glasgow Skye, 7. Toronto Police (Canada), 8. David Urquhart Travel, 9. Halifax Police (Canada), 10. Royal Ulster Constabulary (N. Ireland), 11. Dysart & Dundonald, 12. Peel Regional Police (Canada), 13. Alberta Caledonia (Canada), 14. City of Wellington (New Zealand).

Extending the qualifying round to six bands actually returns the number to what it was before this year.

“This is welcome news,” said one member of a Grade 1 band competing in the qualifier. “With six places open to the 14 bands competing, it makes things that much more promising for everyone.”

A record number of 231 bands are entered to compete at the 2000 World Pipe Band Championships.


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