July 31, 2000

RSPBA Confirms Pre-Qualifying for World’s

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association has confirmed the six bands that have pre-qualified for the World Pipe Band Championships through the new League Table system of points accrued at the first two championships. An additional pre-qualifying spot is claimed by Simon Fraser University, winner of the 1999 World’s.

Under the League Table system, in which spots in the final are secured in advance by points earned in the previous championships and so-called “overseas” bands in the list at the previous year’s World Championships, the remaining spots will be earned through the final to a maximum total number of twelve.

As has been communicated Piper & Drummer Online, a maximum of six pre-qualifying spots are reserved for bands whose home association is the RSPBA.

While both the David Urquhart Travel and Royal Ulster Constabulary Pipe Bands received a prize at the European and British championships, neither ultimately pre-qualifies due to McNaughton’s Vale of Atholl’s more consistent finishes, with two seventh places at each contest. Piper & Drummer Online had previously received incorrect information on the situation, stating that RUC had qualified.

The following bands have pre-qualified for the World’s final:

Boghall & Bathgate (3rd at British, 5th at European)
Field Marshal Montgomery (4th at British, 1st at European)
McNaughton’s Vale of Atholl (7th at European, 7th at British)
ScottishPower (6th at British, 2nd at European)
Simon Fraser University (1999 World Champion)
Shotts & Dykehead (1st at British, 3rd at European)
Strathclyde Police (2nd at British, 4th at European)

No “overseas” bands competed at the European or British championships, and SFU was the only “overseas” band to garner a prize at the 1999 World Championships.

In past years, bands vied for six open spots in the final after the top six bands from the previous year’s World’s pre-qualified.


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