May 31, 2006

Regina wins Regina

Regina, Saskatchewan – May 21, 2006 – The second day of the Saskatchewan Highland Weekend started chilly but ended hot as bands enjoyed a sunny afternoon. Morning solos were held inside as conditions were frigid. City of Regina took both Grade 2 events for the second day and Andrew Smith of Calgary repeated his wins in professional piping.

Grade 2
1st City of Regina
2nd Edmonton & District
3rd St. Andrew’s Society, Winnipeg

1st City of Regina
2nd St. Andrew’s Society, Winnipeg
3rd Edmonton & District

Drumming/best bass: City of Regina

Grade 3
1st Winnipeg Celtic
2nd Saskatoon Police
3rd Edmonton & District, III

1st Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, Winnipeg
2nd Winnipeg Celtic
3rd Saskatoon Police

Best bass: Queen’s Own Camerons

Grade 4
March Medley
1st Edmonton & District, IV
2nd St. Andrew’s Society, Winnipeg IV
3rd Fraser, Regina

1st Fraser, Regina
2nd Edmonton & District, IV
3rd Transcona & District, Winnipeg

Best bass: 96th Highlanders

Grade 5
1st 2901 PPCLI Army Cadets, Estevan
2nd 703 RCASC Cadets, Regina
3rd 96th Highlanders, Saskatoon

Best bass: 96th Highlanders


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