June 30, 2007

SFU reigns in Southern California

Pomona, California – May 26-27, 2007 –Simon Fraser University won easily on both days of the Pomona Highland Games in Southern California. Alan Bevan of Surrey, British Columbia, was the overall winner in the Open Solo Piping.

Open Solo Piping

1st Alan Bevan
2nd Andrew Douglas, New York
3rd Ken Sutherland, Menlo Park, California

1st James Beaumont, Bo’ness, Scotland
2nd Andrew Bonar, North Vancouver, British Columbia
3rd Andrew Douglas

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Alan Bevan
2nd Andrew Douglas
3rd Ken Sutherland

Solo Snare Drumming
1st David Bowman, Alberta Caledonia
2nd Richard Baughman, LA Scots
3rd Eli Fugate, Blanford Memorial
4th James Laughlin, SFU

Pipe Bands
Grade 1
1st SFU (1st in piping, 1st in ensemble, 1st in drumming)
2nd Alberta Caledonia (2,2,2)
3rd LA Scots (3,3,3)

Grade 3 (Medley)
1st Blandford Memorial
2nd Mesa Caledonia
3rd Colorado Skye

Grade 4 (QMM)
1st LA Scots (Gr 4)
2nd Cameron Highlanders
3rd Nicholson
4th Pasadena Scots

Judges for all Saturday band events: Campbell Naismith (piping), Sandy Keith (ensemble), John Fisher (drumming)


Grade 1 (MSR)
1st SFU (1,1,1)
2nd Alberta Caledonia (3,2,2)
3rd LA Scots (2,3,3)

Grade 3 (MSR)
1st Prince Charles (Gr 3)
2nd Blandford Memorial
3rd Colorado Skye

Grade 4 (Medley)
1st Nicholson
2nd LA Scots (Gr 4)
3rd Pasadena Scots
4th Reno & District

Judges for all Sunday band events: Sandy Keith (piping), Campbell Naismith (ensemble), John Fisher (drumming)


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