June 30, 2008

SL78FH open with win at Georgetown

Georgetown, Ontario – June 14, 2008 – The Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders took the first outdoor contest of the Ontario season, winning the Grade 1 medley event at Georgetown against the Toronto Police and the Peel Reional Police, which finished second and third, respectively,

But it was the Toronto Police that had the biggest ovation of the day as the band debuted its highly anticipated medley that was a major departure from the familiar structure of top-grade selections. The band received a cheer from the crowd in the latter-part of the selection.

Another crowd favourite was the Grade 3 Durham Regional Police, which opened with an interpretation of the heavy metal / prog-rock band Rush’s “Tom Sawyer,” and continually wrapped its selection around the theme.

Weather was cool and overcast in the morning, but gave way to bright sunshine by mid-afternoon.

Grade 1
1st Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders
2nd Toronto Police
3rd Peel Regional Police
Drumming: Toronto Police
Judges: Ed Neigh, Reay Mackay (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

The Toronto Police competing in typically perfect Georgetown weather.

Grade 2
1st Hamilton Police
2nd Niagara Regional Police
Drumming: Hamilton Police
Judges: Gail Brown, Glenna Mackay (piping); Larry Willis (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble)

Grade 3
1st Toronto Police
2nd Georgetown
3rd Durham Regional Police
Judges: Gail Brown, Glenna Mackay (piping); Larry Willis (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble

Grade 4
1st Penatangore
2nd Flint Scottish
3rd Rob Roy
Judges: Ed Neigh, Reay Mackay (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

Grade 5
1st Paris/Port Dover
2nd Georgetwon
3rd Brantford
Judges: Gail Brown, Glenna Mackay (piping); Larry Willis (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble

Professional Solo Piping

1st James MacHattie, Toronto
2nd Andrew Hayes, Ottawa
3rd Lyric Todkil, Houston
Judge: Reay Mackay

1st Sean McKeown, Toronto
2nd Andrew Hayes
3rd Michael Grey, Dundas, Ontario
Judge: Tom Anderson

Strathspey & Reel
1st Michael Grey
2nd Seam McKeown
3rd Lionel Tupman, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Judge: Gail Brown

1st Michael Grey
2nd Lionel Tupman
3rd James MacHattie
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

Professional Solo Drumming
1st Glen Neil
2nd Sandy McKail
3rd Jeremy Keddy
Judge: Larry Willis

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Glen Neil
2nd Jeremy Keddy
3rd Sandy McKail
Judge: Greg Dinsdale


  1. Another speedy report, Andrew. I am just home now and sitting on my deck reflecting on today’s events. Nice to catch up with people in the cheer tent” (that’s what they called it at Georgetown – ugh – politically correct Ontario!). You know I play in Toronto Police and was especially interested to hear what people were saying about our effort this afternoon – like all the competitors

  2. It was an absolute treat to be able to hear such a groundbreaking performance of a great piece of music done at the highest technical level. The 78’s played very well but seemed safe and was not engaging to listen to. I hope Toronto will continue on the same track.

  3. Just home late Sunday after the long drive from Calgary. Listened to YouTube, and I have to say: whatever people think of the various bands, this is why the rest of us watch Ontario closely—it’s a fantastic scene. I loved all three bands that I heard in Grade 1. No question, the Toronto Police will turn heads with that medley, and regardless of what you think about the competition worthiness” it’s clearly a great musical achievement. Can’t wait to hear it live at Maxville.”

  4. Could you imagine the uproar in Breton areas if a Bagad started playing Scottish music and not the traditional styles and music they are known for?!? Hey wait a second….

  5. Congratulations to all of the bands who competed in Georgetown this year. Hats off to TPPB for their innovative medley, new drums and winning the Grade 1 Best Drumming award. Great job, guys!

  6. Personally, I thought Toronto did a great job. It makes a nice change hearing some new and innovative music coming out and it certainly turned some heads.



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