April 30, 2007

SLOT announces Greenpeace sponsorship

pipes|drums has learned that the Grade 1 St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band of Dublin has completed an exclusive, wide-ranging sponsorship deal with Greenpeace International that promises to place the band at the forefront of environmental and musical responsibility.

Greenpeace reportedly struck on the idea to assist SLOT because of the band’s distinctive green kilts, and the fact the band’s pipers conscientiously recycle its cane reeds for bathroom flooring and sheepskin bags for car washes. SLOT revealed late in 2006 that it was abandoning synthetic bags and reeds in favour of going “au natural.” “Clearly, this is a band with the environment on its mind,” said a source close to Greenpeace. “We like the fact that they don’t use synthetic materials for their pipes. While we don’t condone the use of sheep for pipe bags, we recognize that the skin is a biodegradable byproduct.”

SLOT pipers aboard a Greenpeace zodiac shortly after P-M Terry Tully fell into the icy Arctic. Click to supersize!In tests conducted this winter in the high-Arctic, it was discovered that a well tuned Highland bagpipe played by an Irishman – and only an Irishman – will attract rare humpback whales, seemingly communicating with their pods. SLOT pipers were dispatched on Greenpeace vessels to woo whales away from trawlers bent on destroying them. Pipe-Major Terry Tully reportedly led one charge, perched at the bow of a zodiac, playing “The Pumpkin’s Fancy” as several whales surfaced from the rough seas, following the glorious sound.

SLOT will make an official announcement of its sponsorship, where else but at the always peaceful Glasgow Green on August 11 with the band sailing up the Clyde River on the Greenpeace ship, “Esperanza.” The world’s pipers and drummers are invited to donate at least €3 – or the price of one pint of Guinness – to Greenpeace.


  1. Truly brilliant. This sets a very high pipes|drums standard for April Fools in 2008. You have outdone yourself this morning. However, if real it had me very concerned. It would give an entirely new spin” on the whole conflict of interest debate for adjudicators. I’m a financial contributor to Greenpeace! There



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