August 31, 2007

Scott Gajdos of New York wins FMM tickets!

Of the dozens of entries to the contest to win tickets to the August 8 Field Marshal Montgomery ‘RE:CHARGED’ concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the one from Scott Gajdos of New York was the first all-correct entry randomly opened.

Scott receives two tickets to the Glasgow show, which will be recorded for a new CD from the 2006 World Champions.

For curious, trivia-loving readers, here are the correct answers to the questions:

Q: How many Grade 1 RSPBA Major Championships have FMM won as of July 23, 2007?
A: 32

Q: How many official (not acting) pipe-majors has FMM had since 1976?
A: Two (Ricky Newell and Richard Parkes)

Q: In what year did FMM win its first RSPBA Major in Grade 1?
A: 1990 Cowal Championship

Q: What is the name of the tartan that FMM currently wears?
A: Drumalig

Q: How many pipers did FMM play when it won its first Grade 1 World Championship?
A: FMM competed with 13 pipers in the Medley and 12 in the MSR. We decided to accept either as correct.

On behalf of Field Marshal Montgomery and Phoenix Honda-Glasgow Skye, promoters of the concert, we thank all readers who participated in the contest, and we hope Scott Gajdos enjoys the show!


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