February 28, 2007

ScottishPower plugs in to Pearl

ScottishPower is the latest top-tier Grade 1 band to make a drumming hardware change, announcing that they have completed a sponsorship deal with Pearl Percussion that will see the band perform and compete with all-new Pearl equipment.

The endorsement deal has the ScottishPower drum section, which is run by Leading-Drummer Barry Wilson, playing drums with a special “scarlet fade” finish, highlighted with chrome hardware.

The band says that it will unveil the first snare drum off of the Pearl production on February 24 at a charity recital by Wilson in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. Wilson will join several of the world’s top pipe band snare drummers at the event.

The band’s first competition performance with the new drums will be on May 12 at the Malahide Festival pipe band competition near Dublin.

Current World Champions Field Marshal Montgomery announced in January that it had severed ties with Pearl in favour of Premier drums.


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