August 31, 2000

Shotts & Dykehead: 2000 World Champions

Glasgow, Scotland – August 12, 2000 – Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia took the 2000 World Pipe Band Championships here today in a close victory over Field Marshal Montgomery of Northern Ireland.

Shotts won the March, Strathspey, & Reel section of the contest, while Field Marshal took the tightly contested medley event and also had a strong showing in the drumming.

In the highly anticipated Grade 2 event, the Prince Charles Pipe Band of San Francisco, California, came out on top, with Lothian & Borders Police of Edinburgh, Scotland, finishing second.

1999 World Champions, Simon Fraser University, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, came up third in their bid to repeat, and Glasgow-based ScottishPower finished fourth.

The 78th Fraser Highlanders of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, returned to the prize list after a one-year absence.

Grade 1
2000 World Champions: Shotts & Dykehead
2nd Field Marshal Montgomery
3rd Simon Fraser University
4th ScottishPower
5th 78th Fraser Highlanders
6th Boghall & Bathgate
Drumming: Royal Ulster Constabulary, 2nd Field Marshal. Bass Section: 78th Fraser Highlanders

Shotts & Dykehead finished first in the MSR, while Field Marshal won the medley. Drum corps finishes were split between Field Marshal Montgomery, which won the MSR, and Royal Ulster Constabulary, which won the medley.

“The result could have gone several different ways,” said an observer. “The standard was high, but most of the pipe band world who is in the know, pretty much knew that Shotts had a great chance of winning today.”

Judges for the Grade 1 events were: Medley: I. MacLellan, R. Shepherd (piping), C.Mordaunt (drumming), G. Lumsden (ensemble). MSR: D. Clark, H. Stevenson (piping), K. Reynolds (drumming), D. Brown (ensemble).

Also qualifying for the 13 band Grade 1 final were: Alberta Caledonia (Canada), David Urquhart Travel, Dysart & Dundonald, McNaughton’s Vale of Atholl, Royal Ulster Constabulary (Northern Ireland), Strathclyde Police, Toronto Police (Canada).

From a swirl of false reports from Glasgow Green and on the Internet, the Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band was said to have been disqualified. The nad actually was not disqualified and finished 9th in the qualifying section. See story.

Grade 2
1st Prince Charles (USA)
2nd Lothian & Borders Police
3rd Niagara Regional Police(Canada)
4th Grampian Police
5th Queensland Highlanders (Australia)
6th Ravara (Northern Ireland)
Drumming: Lothian & Borders Police

Also qualifying for the 12 band Grade 2 final: Upper Crossgare (Northern Ireland), Bleary (Northern Ireland), Richmond Avenue (South Africa), Bagad Cap Caval (France), Northern Ireland Prison Service, Boghall & Bathgate.

Forty-four bands competed in Grade 2.

Grade 3A
1st Cumberclaudy
2nd RP Blandford & Son
3rd 1st Btn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
4th Tullylaga (Northern Ireland)
5th Mountjoy (Eire)
6th Banbridge
Drumming: Cumberclaudy, Bass section: Cumberclaudy

Grade 3B
1st Howard Memorial
2nd Holbaeck (Denmark)
3rd Perth & District
4th Pontyfract & District (England)
5th Bready (Northern Ireland)
6th Big Rock (Canada)

1st Paisley
2nd Lochgelly High School
3rd McNaughton’s Vale of Atholl
4th Bucksburn & District
5th Lord Selkirk Boy Scouts (Canada)
6th Burntisland & District
Drumming: Paisley

Grade 4A
1st Syerla (Northern Ireland)
2nd Cullenfad (Northern Ireland)
3rd Malahide & District (Eire)
4th Ballybriest (Northern Ireland)
5th Quinn Memorial (Northern Ireland)
6th Kilmarnock
Drumming: Syerla

Twenty-three bands competed in Grade 4A.

Grade 4B
1st Gilnahirk (Northern Ireland)
2nd Northern Caledonia
3rd Big Rock (Canada)
4th Penicuik & District
5th Lomond & Clyde
6th Finvoy
Drumming: Penicuik & District

Novice Juvenile
1st Dumbarton & District
2nd George Watson’s College
3rd Monkston Mossely (Northern Ireland)
4th Boghall & Bathgate
5th Lochgelly High School
6th Bowhill & District
Drumming: Dumbarton

Twenty-three bands competed in Novice Juvenile.


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