September 30, 2003

Site Unveils Major Refresh

The world’s only truly independent publication for pipers and drummers, has unveiled an extensive design upgrade and many new features. It is the third major overhaul of the site since its inception in 1996.

Among the improvements:

  • Improved Readability – the site is now maximized for higher resolution monitors, and all sections are visible on one screen.
  • Results Section – competition results will now go in a separate section, with breaking news stories occupying an independent area.
  • Search – visitors can now search the entire site using key words and phrases.
  • Comprehensive Archives – visitors can now easily go through the site’s 4000-plus (and rapidly growing) library of stories – by far the largest single online piping and drumming editorial archive in the world.
  • More Images – stories will have more photographs, with each piece potentially having a thumbnail preview image on the site’s opening page.

    The site has the distinction of being the only publication serving pipers and drummers that is not associated with an association or commercial business. The site is free to all, and is completely self-supported through advertising. All ad proceeds are channeled back into the site. Indeed, advertising revenue has made the current redesign possible.

    “We’re thrilled to bring the piping world another upgrade of Piper & Drummer Online, said editor and webmaster Andrew Berthoff. “Over the years, the site has gone from strength to strength, and we have continually broken new ground for piping and drumming journalism. It’s gratifying that P&D Online is the ‘go-to’ publication for factual, balanced and timely information from the rapidly expanding piping and drumming world.”

    We have broken significant stories over the years, including many that other publications do not discuss for fear of political consequences. In the last few weeks alone, we broke the news of the Royal Scottish Pipe band Association’s (RSPBA) bungling of Grade 1 results at the 2003 World Pipe Band Championships, and the resignation of prominent personnel from top bands.

    With as many as 7000 “unique visits” every day (i.e., different computer addresses accessing the site), it has had nearly seven million visits over the years. The site has received numerous awards, including being named Yahoo! Canada’s Web Site of the Week.

    Berthoff added that even more exciting features to the site will be phased in over the next few months and advised visitors, as always, to stay tuned.


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