September 30, 2007

Stewart takes control of house of Windsor

James Stewart and Carl Lenny are the new Pipe-Major and Leading-Drummer, respectively, of the Grade 1 Windsor Police Pipe Band of Windsor, Ontario, taking over from Bill Baird and Michael Crawley.

Stewart has been a long-time member of the band, and served as pipe-major after Pipe-Major Barry Ewen suffered a stroke in June 2003. Stewart led the band until Baird took over in 2005.

Lenny has played with several bands, including 10 years with the House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead and then the Los Angeles Scots, with which he was Leading-Drummer for about three years before he departed in 2003. Lenny lives in Chicago, about a four-hour drive to Windsor.

Bill Baird will continue to play with the Windsor Police, taking on the Pipe-Sergeant role. Crawley reportedly also intends to stay with the band. A spokesman for the band said that “an influx of pipers and drummers have already committed to joining as a result of the changes.”

The Windsor Police are the second of Ontario’s four Grade 1 bands to make major leadership changes, and the third in less than a year. In early September, the Peel Regional Police announced that Glenn and Graham Brown would become Pipe-Major and Leading-Drummer. In February 2007, Ian K. MacDonald returned to be Pipe-Major of the Toronto Police, replacing James MacHattie.


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  1. It is great to see Carl Lenny in charge of a band again, it seems as if North America really wants the 2008 World´s, or at least have something to say. Good luck to the guys in their new band.

  2. Hey Stu, James and Bill just filled positions. James was P/S. Bill’s family is hitting the teenage years and his kids are into everything so its a fight for time for him… And for me, pipe nothing (P/N) Steve, I will keep up all the hard work, thanks Stu.



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