June 30, 2007

Todd’s Bar Masters Drumming Recital shaping up; ‘Lord of the Todd’ event added

Details of the August 7 Masters Drumming Recital at the Lord Todd’s Bar at Strathclyde University have been revealed to pipes|drums, and five of the world’s top pipe band snare drummers and the drum sections of Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia and House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead demonstrating their talents.

The soloists will be perennial World Solo Champion contenders and former winners Gordon Brown, Boghall & Bathgate; Jim Kilpatrick, House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead; Steven McWhirter, Simon Fraser University; Eric Ward, Strathclyde Police; and Barry Wilson, ScottishPower.

The day will also feature a new event sponsored by Jim Kilpatrick Percussion, Premier Percussion, TyFry and SC Drumming for bass and tenor drummers at 1 pm.

According to Scott Currie of SC Drumming, “The Lord of the Todd Challenge” will see bass and tenor drummers “pitted against one another in no-holds-barred five-minute performances in which the contestants are open to play music of their choice from inside or outside of the traditional pipe band idiom, accompanied by a piper and snare drummer and up to three additional forms of accompaniment of their choice other than their own instrument.”

The prizes will be awarded by the audience, with no individual judges. There will be a single, winner-take-all prize comprising £500 in cash and vouchers, a Premier Hosbilt bass or tenor drum donated by Premier Percussion Ltd., an invitation to perform at the Masters Drumming Recital that evening, and the title “Lord of the Todd.”

Competitors scheduled to play in the Lord of the Todd Challenge:

  • Neil Bruce, House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead
  • Kahlil Cappuccino, 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel)
  • Mike Cole, Windsor Police
  • Samantha Cowie, Australia Highlanders
  • Sharleen Donaldson, Lomond & Clyde
  • Steve Foley, LA Scots
  • Ken Maltman, The Band Club
  • Doug Montgomery, Alberta Caledonia
  • Michael O’Neil, Simon Fraser University
  • Simone Reid, Simon Fraser University
  • Owen Sehon, Windsor Police
  • Lynne Ward, Strathclyde Police
  • Lachlan Watson, The Band Club

“There’s a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among the participants and their respective band colleagues about the opportunity to showcase bass and tenor drumming in a highly entertaining and fun manner,” Currie and co-organizer Tyler Fry said. “The support of the players’ bands has been incredible. Terry, Jack and Reid at SFU have moved mountains to accommodate the participation of their players in the event by re-scheduling their practice schedule on the day of their Dumfries concert.”

Tickets are cost £7 and available online at


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  1. This is a great event and Scott and Tyler with all of their hard work have made this even better! My question is: When is Drew Duthart going to get his due? This guy deserves to be in this recital. The man can flat out throw down on a snare drum and gets no props. Its time the rest of the world see this.



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