March 31, 2007

Toronto Indoor Games cancelled

The Toronto Indoor Games, scheduled for April 7, has been cancelled due to lack of entries. The event was being organized by the Toronto Branch of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario.

The 2006 Toronto Indoor was held with much interest, with more than 100 competitors taking part in the event. The event was the first year of the once-popular contest after more than a decade.

PPBSO Toronto Branch President, Gary Moore cited low entries as the reason, making holding the contest financially risky. The 2007 Toronto Indoor, as with the 2006 event, was to be held on the Easter weekend. “For next year, we will try it again,” he said. “Certainly the weekend it is held will be under review, as will the format – quartette versus mini bands? – and the venue.”

The competition was to be held at Denison Armoury in Downsview, Ontario, in the northern part of Toronto.

In the 1970s, the competition was seen as one of the major events of the year for the Ontario season. The band competition was eagerly anticipated by many, as the top bands would unveil new medleys.


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  1. This is a big shame, just when it had a good year last year. We had a group coming from Halifax who were trying to get their flights organized to be there and potentially enter a quartet as well. As for the weekend, for the 37 years I have been competing and most likely more, the Annual Gathering of the BC pipers Association, morelikely know to other as The Indoor” has been held on Easter weekend. This seems like another case of people can’t be bothered or do not have their stuff up to snuff or fear to play because they risk their reputation. It’s a real shame as the winter / spring indoor contests that I grew up with were fantastic and gave you a good reason to practice all fall and winter. Apart from Bill’s band

  2. Can it be that Ont. is going through what has happened in Scotland? Every one is so busy flying about playing in bands outside the province or teaching workshops here there and every where but at home. The scene is suffering because it’s own people are letting it. Then there is the Frasers. Let me guess. Their dozens of players can’t be arsed to support the home contest.

  3. Well it is truly a shame that these types of situations keep coming to the surface. The Indoor games are a great time and always a good competition. I think that looking at bringing back mini-bands as apposed to the quartetts is a good way to get on track. My only question is: Why did this thing come back to the Frasers? The Kid? Are the responsible for everything and anything that happens? Get a clue.

  4. I see there is a lot of disappointment in this cancellation…If that is the case let’s prepare for next year to rejuvinate this great event…I know I will!!! Thanks for all the hard work Gary!



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