August 31, 2007

Update 2: 2007 World Champions: Field Marshal Montgomery

Glasgow – August 11, 2007 – Field Marshal Montgomery of Northern Ireland successfully defended its title and won the 2007 World Pipe Band Championship. Cullybackey, also of Northern Ireland, took the Grade 2 event. There was steady rain throughout the entire day.
Field Marshal Montgomery on the way to winning the 2007 World Pipe Band Championship, the band's fifth title. [Photo: B. MacDonald]
Grade 1
1st Field Marshal Montgomery (Northern Ireland)
2nd Simon Fraser University (Canada)
3rd House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead (Scotland)
4th Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders (Canada)
5th Strathclyde Police (Scotland)
6th St. Laurence O’Toole (Ireland)
Drumming: Overall: 78th Fraser Highlanders; MSR: 78th Fraser Highlanders; Medley: Shotts
Bass section: 78th Fraser Highlanders
Medley judges: Peter Snadden, Harry McNulty (piping); Jim Hutton (drumming); Jim Baxter (ensemble). MSR judges: Allan Ronaldson, Ian Roddick (piping); Harry Russell (drumming); John McInnes (ensemble)

Field Marshal won the MSR, and Shotts took the Medley contest.

There was confusion on the net after the RSPBA posted the incorrect final results on its site.

Other bands in the Grade 1 event:

FMM in action at Glasgow Green, where the band won was named 2007 World Champions. [Photo: B. MacDonald]7th Boghall & Bathgate (Scotland)
8th Robert Wiseman Dairies-Vale of Atholl (Scotland)
9th Manawatu Scottish (New Zealand)
10th ScottishPower (Scotland)
11th LA Scots (USA)
12th Clan Gregor (Scotland)
13th Australia Highlanders (Australia)
14th Alberta Caledonia (Canada)

Grade 2 (MSR)
1st Cullybackey (Northern Ireland)
2nd Seven Towers (Northern Ireland)
3rd Band Club Sydney (Australia)
4th Ravara (Northern Ireland)
5th Buchan (Scotland)
6th Torphichen & Bathgate
Drumming: Cullybackey
Judges: Iain MacLellan, Harry Stevenson (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Bob Shepherd (ensemble)

Even with the steady rain, the giant-screen display system kept working, here showing SFU Pipe-Major Terry Lee. [Photo: B. MacDonald]

Other Grade 2 bands competing in the final:

Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary (Scotland)
Killeen (Northern Ireland)
Lomond & Clyde (Scotland)
Niagara Regional Police (Canada)
Oran Mor (USA)
Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (Scotland)

Grade 3A
1st Arklow
2nd RAF Halton
3rd Annsborough
4th MacKenzie Caledonian
5th Blanford Memorial
6th Aughintober
Drumming: Annsborough
Judges: Tony Sloane, John Wilson (piping); Alistair Dowling (drumming); Alistair Aitken (ensemble)

Grade 3B
1st Cullen
2nd Manchester County Fire
3rd Lanark
4th College of Piping (Canada)
5th Raffrey (Northern Ireland)
6th Killen (Northern Ireland)
Drumming: Cullen
Judges: Cameron Edgar, Joe Young (piping); Gordon Craig (drumming); Joe Noble (ensemble)

1st George Watson’s College (Scotland)
2nd Robert-Malcolm Memorial (Canada)
3rd St. Andrew’s College
4th Boghall & Bathgate (Scotland)
5th Dunoon Grammar School (Scotland)
Drumming: George Watson’s College
Judges: Allan Ronaldson, Ian Roddick (piping); Harry Russell (drumming); John McInnes (ensemble)

Grade 4A
1st Cullenfad (Northern Ireland)
2nd Killadeas (Northern Ireland)
3rd Dromora (Northern Ireland)
4th Paris-Port Dover (Canada)
5th Duns
6th Kirkwall City (Scotland)
Drumming: Cullenfad
Judges: Gordon Lawrie, Jim Campbell (piping); Billy Dunlop (drumming); Trevor Dear (ensemble)

Grade 4B
1st University of Bedfordshire (England)
2nd Moneygore (Northern Ireland)
3rd East Kilbride (Scotland)
4th Bready Ulster Scots (Northern Ireland)
5th Black Bottle of Islay (Scotland)
6th Badenoch & Strathspey (Scotland)
Drumming: Dr. Wright Memorial
Judges: Davey Clark, Annie Grant (piping); Sandy Steele (drumming); Malcolm MacKenzie (ensemble)

Novice Juvenile
1st Inveraray & District (Scotland)
2nd North Lanarkshire Schools (Scotland)
3rd Scotia Glenville
4th Kintyre Schools (Scotland)
5th Vale of Atholl (Scotland)
6th George Watson’s College (Scotland)
Drumming: George Watson’s College
Judges: Peter Snadden, Harry McNulty (piping); Jim Hutton (drumming); Jim Baxter (ensemble)

pipes|drums posted Grade 1 and Grade 2 results as they were announced from Glasgow Green.

Stay tuned for results from the other grades as they come in.


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  1. 1) Andrew, thanks for the quick posting of the results. Very helpful and I (and I’m sure many others who also couldn’t be there) appreciate it. 2) FMM were my pick – good for them. 3) Good on 78th – esp Drew and the drum corps. 4) My heart goes out to my pals in Windsor – I’m dying to know why they didn’t get through. PS Stu, nice work playing at the Todd. I didn’t know you’d picked up the pipes. Or is Stuart” your evil

  2. To all the Losers” (those that did not win the band titles in all grades). My heart goes out to all the bands that went overseas and may feel disappointed at the result they got. Having been in that position on more than one occasion

  3. The Grade 1 result is what was announced on the field at Glasgow Green. The RSPBA final Grade 1 table doesn’t correspond with the MSR and Medley tables. Shotts won the Medley, but are input in the RSPBA table as finishing fourth.

  4. Yes but if you look at the rspba’s results you will see that the numbers in the final results table don’t correspond with the MSR/Medley results. The RSPBA posted incorrect results.

  5. Unfortunately, it appears Andrew’s got it right. Results as posted on the RSPBA site have numerous errors (according to my math anyway) and should be FMM 17, SFU 26, HOE 30, 78th 32 in point totals. Of course my math is questionable at the best of times but maybe if someone re-checks we can be sure? Nah, probably not. Gerry

  6. whatever the final scores, must be good for the rest of Shotts that Rabbie has the judges in his back-pockets to make sure they stay in the top 3, gee, they just happen to take the medley event after not winning a major all season, yes I know I wasn’t there to hear them and yada yada yada but you can’t convince me otherwise

  7. I am surprised 78th even made the top 6 !! Even though they had an unblemished Ontario contest run this summer… I guess having an anniversary helps.. Congrats to Drew and the lads. They must have played lights out” to beat Jim’s and Eric’s corps.”

  8. Aye, well done Drew. Does anyone out there know if Jimmy Hutton has EVER had Shotts anywhere but 1st in drumming at a major in the last 20 years? Just asking!

  9. Yes Jim Hutton has had Shotts lower than 1st before. And before spouting off, go listen to the performances on Pipeline. The Shotts Medley drumming is amazing.

  10. Having 2 piping judge needs to be reviewed. When one judge has you first and the second judge has you eighth there is something drastically wrong. The gap is too great. If there was only one judge and he placed the band eighth then one could accept this but this system at present is flawed and creditability is questioned.

  11. Patrick. One word for you. TOOL! We better start looking for a better value for money if the best we can buy” is a 3rd place! Many congratulations to the Frasers. Cool guys and girls playing some cool music!”

  12. To the team at pipes|drums thank you for getting the results so fast. It was fun hitting refresh and watching the results come up each time as they were announced. Thanks!

  13. Graham…..if you could let every one know the last time Hutton did not give Shotts first in drumming at a major we would all appreciate that information. I will be pleased to stand corrected. Shotts usually have a great corps but no one believes that they always deserved first when he was judging. Other bands have great corps as well. Ta.

  14. I may be wrong on this one, but I believe Stu Liddell (pronounced lih-dell, just like the UFC fighter, Chuck) was a drummer with the 78th Frasers. Stuart Liddell (the piper, pronounced little with ‘d’s’) is a musical, lightning-handed God.

  15. It is amazing that everyone gives so much value to a contest with no checks and balances on the judging. With one drumming judge and one ensemble judge it is completely subjective. With only two piping judges it gets dodgy. Three for each discipline should be the minimum. Would any nation allow one individual to decide its leader? Would it really be that hard to make it less subjective? Bands should discount the value of the Worlds until it becomes more accountable / less subjective. In skating, the judges are no longer allowed to rank the performers. Instead, they react to elements of the performances and assign a value to those reactions as they happen. No one gets to keep a wee bit of paper and change their mind.

  16. Congratulations to the 78th – especially Drew and the Drum Corps. You guys played well in Ontario this year however the real test was always playing against the other talented corps at the worlds. I haven’t heard any performances yet but look forward to listening to everyone when the cd comes out. Congratulations also to FMM on defending the world’s title.

  17. I totally agree with Alistair!!! Until they make the judging far more less subjective and in some cases outright bias, its hard to get really excited for any band that wins at a major championship. Some years they seem to have come close to getting it right, even getting it right on a few occasions. But some times you just have to wonder if they are even sober or have there hearing aids in properly. Anyway I was not there this year so I can not pass judgment this time but I can say with a straight face that I’m sure my child could do a better job of adjudicating at the worlds!!!!

  18. Maybe the time has arrived that we as a community have to evaluate how we are judged. 3 piping judges, 3 ensemble judges and 2 drumming judges. Will more judges make the difference, or just the composition, how about a few ensemble judges, and a couple of drumming judges, how about a poll ?

  19. So if a band gets awarded 1,2,5,9,10 by the piping panel will they be any clearer about how they performed? Judging is a very subjective art and the standard in pipe bands today has never been so competitive. To expect two judges to rank thirty bands within a place of each other is unreasonable.

  20. Joel, We ( Windsor Police) had a good run in the qualilier on Saturday morning. No major problems. With the weather and all the new guys to the grade 1 world, we were very proud of are 1st time playing with the big boys. The drummers had a great run. Mike Crawley, Mike Cole and the boys really stuck the landing …..

  21. Gregor, you are partially right. We had apparently changed the pronunciation when my parents came to Canada. It is still pronounced Liddell (little with ‘ds) back home. I did play with 78ths for 18 years and Stuart Liddell is an incredible musician and even a better guy. I miss having our annual drinks together. Steve, congrats on your efforts. Keep going!

  22. Steve, very glad to hear you had a good go – my best to all. Another great year for the Windsor coppers. Just one suggestion – your sets are great – but I gotta have more cowbell. Looking forward to seeing everyone, including any Stu’s and Stuarts, whether of Liddell, Lowe or other origin, in ’08. Steve, one more thing – Jigs from #2. By the drum – one, two….Slainte

  23. I don’t get how people who weren’t even there, who haven’t even listened to the bands, can even start to make comments about rab paying judges to keep them in the top 3. shotts’ medley was f***ing brilliant this year. YOU are as bad as the judges that you claim are so biased (which obviously you would be if you were in their position), you judge a band without even hearing them? thats pretty darn arrongant. i dont play with shotts, i compete against them, and it was still **** good. so before you pipe up about drumming judges being biased, why don’t you have a better look at the results, perhaps the msr drumming results?



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