September 30, 2003

(Updated) Blairgowrie Games Get Big B and C Grade Entry

Blairgowie, Scotland – September 7, 2003 – About 30 pipers, a large majority players graded B and C by the Competing Pipers Association (CPA), turned out for the Blairgowrie Highland Games. Weather was partly sunny throughout the day. As always, stewarding was deftly handled by young Jimmy MacGregor.

James MacHattie originally was announced the winner of the B&C Grade Piobaireachd event, but the result was overturned when it was realized he is actually an A Grade player.

Open Piobaireachd (5 played)
1st Simon Marshall, West Calder, Scotland
2nd Ed Neigh, Wellesley, Ontario
3rd Andrew Rogers, New Brunswick
4th Allan Russell, Kelty, Scotland
Judge: Walter Drysdale

CPA B&C Grade Piobaireachd (24 played)
1st James Beaumont, Bo’ness, Scotland
2nd Stewart MacKenzie, New Zealand
3rd Glenn Brown, Milton, Ontario
4th Douglas Campbell
5th Simon McKerral, Glasgow
Judges: Gavin Stoddart, Stuart Samson

March (27 played)
1st Simon McKerrall, Glasgow
2nd Gordon MacLean, Cowie, Scotland
3rd Stewart MacKenzie
4th Andrew Rodgers
Judges: Eddie Clark, Sandy Spence

Strathspey & Reel (27 played)
1st Simon McKerrall
2nd Brian McKenzie, Glasgow
3rd Glenn Brown
4th James Stewart, Aberdeen
Judges: Eddie Clark, Sandy Spence


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