September 30, 2009

Updated: Hosbilt separates from Premier Music International

Craig Colquhoun, the founder and owner of Hosbilt, makers of hand-made pipe band bass- and tenor-drums, has confirmed that his company will officially separate from Premier Music International Ltd. (PMIL) of Leicester, England. The move follows PMIL’s announcement that it has gone into liquidation, with a holding company reorganizing the company.
In a letter to PMIL, Colquhoun stated that “the agreement between [Premier] and Hosbilt to manufacture and sell the Premier/Hosbilt range is no longer in effect.”
The two organizations had come to terms in 2002, whereupon Premier would manufacture and market Hosbilt products. The deal was extended in 2008.
Colquhoun has asked PMIL to cease further manufacturing, distribution, advertising and sales of Hosbilt drums, and that all references to Hosbilt and/or Craig Colquhoun should be removed from all company literature, including its website.
In the letter Colquhoun contended that Hosbilt quality control standards had not been met, as agreed in the original contract between the two firms.
When asked whether bands could be assured of delivery of any existing Hosbilt orders, Colquhoun said, “This is unknown to me; I am optimistic.’
He could not say whether he would strike a similar branding/manufacturing deal with another manufacturer: “I don’t know. Right now, my only ambition is to restore confidence and quality. I am devoted to bringing Hosbilt home.”
Colquhoun lives in Tiverton, Ontario, where the original Hosbilt manufacturing premises are located. He contends that PMIL’s pipe band bass and tenor drums are based on its “turnbuckle” tensioning system.




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