August 31, 2005

Updated: Kilpatrick Percussion to launch new products during World’s week

Jim Kilpatrick Percussion will unveil a raft of new products at Strathclyde University the week of August 8, including a new drum, new heads and a new snare drum stand.

The Remo TSS, with a price of approximately £110, is a new high-tension snare drum conceptualized by Remo Belli. According to Kilpatrick, “the drum can be used as a stand-alone snare drum or as a practice pad.”

The drum is said to be approximately one-third of the weight of a Premier HTS-700.

“The drum is basically a flat drum that sounds just like any other high-tension snare drum on the market,” Kilpatrick continues. “It also has the facility to add any depth of shell you want. It uses a unique rail-adjusting snare system underneath the top head. There is a series of foam disks that can be fitted into the drum to give it different levels of quietness and enables it to be used as a practice pad. The benefit of this system is that the drummer can practice on exactly the same surface and with the same tension as a performing snare drum.”

Also making their debut are Remo “Gleneagles” bass and tenor heads, a new model Jim Kilpatrick KP1 drum stick, and a new Jim Kilpatrick bass drum carrier, which is a lightweight bass drum carrier that Kilpatrick says has “all of the features of my snare drum carrier, and features a new ‘swivel mount’ system for optimum playing position and comfort.”

Kilpatrick also said that a new pipe band Snare Drum Stand will be launched. The stand features multi-angle adjustable legs that will rest on any surface. Kilpatrick says that the new stand provides the same angle and position of the snare carrier, is lightweight and compact, and “great for practising or for performing in concerts.”

Jim Kilpatrick Percussion is setting up a shop on the campus of Strathclyde University where the new products will be available for viewing and testing. Kilpatrick himself will be on hand to speak with drummers.


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