August 31, 2007

Updated: Meunier in the money at new Falkirk Wheel contest

Falkirk, Scotland – August 27, 2007 – Alexis Meunier of Brittany was the biggest winner at the new Falkirk Wheel Highland Games in central Scotland, winning two events and placing third in the other. No Scottish pipers competed at the event.

1st Alexis Meunier
2nd Stuart Easton, New Zealand
3rd Andrea Boyd, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
4th Andy Rogers, Fredericton, New Brunswick

1st Stuart Easton
2nd Andy Rogers
3rd Alexis Meunier
4th Sylvain Hamon, Brittany

Strathspey & Reel
1st Alexis Meunier
2nd Stuart Easton
3rd Xavier Boderiou, Brittany
4th Doug MacRae, Houston

Tom Speirs judges all of the events.


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  1. No Scottish competitors in the prize list? Clearly, being a Monday, we were all dilligently working for a living, unlike these workshy Canadian, French and American layabouts who seem to have plenty of time throughout the month of August to hang around the Todd, man, swan around highland games, and generally play safely on pleasant sounding instruments and such like. Either that, or we were all badly hungover after Cowal. What’s the world coming to?

  2. There is no need to be insulting to the competitors or their nationalities. You make yourself out to be very foolish and being a Scot myself I find your comments to be in very bad taste and an insult to Scots in general. Thankfully not all Scots share your opinions and ignorance. We all have thoughts, views and differances on various things but your anger and frustration shown here is one again, out of order. I would suggest that you take some time out and think about what you wrote and apologize.

  3. If a competitor comes from abroad to play in a Scottish competition then anyone with half a mite of common sense can tell that they’re on vacation. Thus, it’s simply absurd to criticize them for not working during their time off… unless it’s now expected that foreign players procure themselves a part-time job upon landing and checking into their hotel…

  4. Indeed Donald, look where most of the first prizes in nearly all the grades went in the Worlds there. Are you going to accuse the Irish of being layabouts?

  5. Ooh, bit of a culture clash there. A bit of mild sarcasm levelled at the PD editor and an entire nation or two manages to takes offence. No wonder you get accused of not having a sense of humour 😉

  6. C’mon. You people have got to lighten up and get a life. I guess a sharp wit is out the window in our competitive bagpipe world? It seems that someone with ‘half a mite of common sense’ would have realized how dripping wet with sarcasm Donald’s statement was….



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