January 31, 2009

Updated: The hills are alive with the sound of piping as APBA launches

The growing number of pipers and drummers in Austria now have an organization to call home, with the advent of the fornal development of the Austrian Pipe Band Association, the latest European piping and drumming organization to flow from that continent’s substantial interest in the Scottish musical arts.
The APBA was actually informally created in Saltzburg in the summer of 2008, with a board of directors elected by the small but burgeoning group of Austrian players. The organization says that its primary objectives are to be “a platform to share information, organize workshops to improve the standard, organize recitals and competitions, and to be a link between the already existing bands and solo pipers in the country.”
The inaugural committee of the APBA comprises Karl Wallner, president; Romana Brunner vice-president; Stefan Janauschek, juvenile consultant; Nina Brandstätter, finance referee; Michael Gunther, secretary; and Christoph Wurtl, PR manager.
Founding committee members of the APBAThe APBA currently lists 64 individual members and four bands. The association held its the first solo competition, and in October held at “feast” at the Hohenwerfen Fortress attended by more than 70 people who celebrated late into the night, according to organizers.
The APBA is planning to stage the first ABPA Summer School June 8-14 at Castle Kreuzen in upper Austria.
On the continent, the Austrian association joins the Bagpipe Asssiation of Germany, the Netherlands Pipe Band Association and the Pipe Band Association of Scandinavia.


  1. It’s very nice to hear that a country which has given us such high-calibre music in other spheres, now has a Pipe Band Association. I’m sure we can look forward to some fine music from its members.



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