June 30, 2006

Veterans Memorial Games keeps growing

Spencerville, Ontario – June 17, 2006 – The third annual Veterans Memorial Highland Games grew again, attracting 18 pipe bands and a large solo entry. Judges throughout the day were Amy Garson, Rob Crabtree, Michael Grey, Ed Bush, and Graham Kirkwood.

Grade 2
(MSR & Medley)
1st Oran Mor
2nd Glengarry

Grade 3 (Medley)
1st Mohawk Valley Frasers
2nd Rob Roy

Grade 4 (Medley)
1st Glengarry (Gr 4)
2nd Cameron Highlanders
3rd Arnprior-McNab

Grade 5 (March Medley)
1st Rob Roy (Gr 5)
2nd 413 Wing AFAC
3rd Sam Scott Memorial

Solo Piping
Grade 1:
March: 1st Will Ridley, 2nd Andrew Killick, 3rd Keegan Sheehan. S&R: 1st Andrew Killick, 2nd Will Ridley, 3rd Keegan Sheehan. Jig: 1st Will Ridley, 2nd Andrew Killick

Grade 2: March: 1st Allison MacDonald, 2nd Karrie McLeod, 3rd Jonathan Verrett. S&R: 1st Allison MacDonald, 2nd Jonathan Verrett, 3rd Karrie McLeod. Jig: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Jonathan Verrett, 3rd Allison MacDonald

Grade 3: March: 1st David Peters, 2nd Emily Gerrie, 3rd Chris Grenke. S&R: 1st David Peters, 2nd Andrew Munro, 3rd Emily Gerrie

Grade 4: March A: 1st Scott Cameron, 2nd Nicholas Lundberg, 3rd Robert Fournier. March B: 1st Adam Campbell, 2nd William MacNeill, 3rd Sandy Creber

Grade 5: March A: 1st Andrea Armstrong, 2nd Camden Garson, 3rd MacGregor Van de Ven. March B: 1st Lindsay Bell, 2nd Liam Melville, 3rd Michael Ahronson

Senior Amateur:
1st Will Ridley, 2nd Andrew Killick, 3rd Matthew Yuen

Intermediate Amateur: 1st Amanda Morgan Pulling, 2nd Allison MacDonald, 3rd Jonathan Verrett

Junior Amateur: 1st Dave Campbell, 2nd David Peters, 3rd William MacNeill

Novice Amateur: 1st Nicole Lacasse, 2nd Allison Bell, 3rd Jesse MacWilliam

Solo Drumming
Grade 1:
MSR: 1st Derek Cooper, 2nd Wesley Cole, 3rd Rob MacLeod. HP&J: 1st Wesley Cole, 2nd Derek Cooper, 3rd Rob MacLeod

Grade 2: 1st Allison Lewis, 2nd Allison Ewing. HP&J: 1st Allison Lewis, 2nd Allison Ewing

Grade 3: 1st Douglas Crowe, 2nd Devin Roberts, 3rd Marielle Lesperance

Grade 4: 1st Tom MacKenzie, 2nd Jordan Duval.

Grade 5: 1st Dylan Stewart, 2nd Theresa Smith, 3rd Billy Creber

Amateur Bass: 1st Peter Sullivan, 2nd Jason Overton, 3rd Mark Hall

Novice Tenor 1st Melissa Bianco, 2nd Dylan Stewart, 3rd Erin Gauthier

Drum-Major: 1st Paul Lawrenson, 2nd Kent Stewart


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