June 30, 2005

Veterans Memorial games grows

Spencerville, Ontario – June 18, 2005 – The second annual Veterans Memorial Highland Games were held on a cool day under threatening skies, but the forecasted rains fortunately never came. Twenty-one bands took part in the day’s activities and the solo entries were significantly higher this year, keeping the judges very busy all morning. The future of these Games continues to be bright.

Pipe bands
Grade 2
1st Glengarry
2nd Oran Mor

Grade 3 (MSR)
1st Schenectady
2nd Mohawk Valley Frasers

Grade 4 (March Medley)
1st Rob Roy
2nd Glengarry
3rd Arnprior-McNab

Grade 5 (March Medley)
1st Rob Roy
2nd Sam Scott Memorial
3rd 413 Wing AFAC Quinte

Solo piping

Senior Amateur:
1st Amber Blair, 2nd Daniel Cole, 3rd Joe McGonigal.
Intermediate Amateur: 1st Rob McKenzie, 2nd Suzanne Stephenson, 3rd Allison MacDonald.
Junior Amateur: 1st Dave Campbell, 2nd Amanda Pulling, 3rd Jonathan Verrett.
Novice Amateur: 1st Brittany Pinder, 2nd William MacNeill, 3rd Murray Bleakney.

Light music
Grade 1: March:
1st Andrew Killick, 2nd Will Ridley, 3rd Joe McGonigal. S&R: 1st Amber Blair, 2nd Kegan Sheehan, 3rd Andrew Killick. Jig: 1st Andrew Killick, 2nd Amber Blair, 3rd Daniel Cole
Grade 2: March: 1st Allison MacDonald, 2nd Christian McCartney, 3rd John Scott. S&R: 1st Allison MacDonald, 2nd Amanda Bush, 3rd Christian McCartney. Jig: 1st Allison MacDonald, 2nd Amanda Pulling, 3rd Suzanne Stephenson.
Grade 3: March: 1st Jonathan Verrett, 2nd Amanda Pulling, 3rd Grant McDougal. S&R: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Amanda Pulling, 3rd Grant McDougal
Grade 4: March: 1st Adam Campbell, 2nd Chris Grenke, 3rd Kevin Egginton
Grade 5: March: 1st Ashley Spruit, 2nd Andrew Munro, 3rd Andrew Dalziel

Solo drumming
Grade 1: MSR:
1st Wesley Cole, 2nd Rob MacLeod, 3rd Doug Dixon. HP&J: 1st Rob MacLeod, 2nd Doug Dixon, 3rd Wesley Cole.
Grade 2: MSR: 1st Derek Cooper. HP&J: 1st Derek Cooper.
Grade 3: MSR: 1st Daryl Fowlie.
Grade 4: 1st Iain Bell, 2nd Jeff Cameron, 3rd Morag Mason.
Grade 5: 1st Douglas Crowe, 2nd Dylan Stewart, 3rd Troy Hamstra.
Amateur Bass: 1st Dale Bloss, 2nd Jason Overton.
Amateur Tenor: 1st Jennifer Hopkinson, 2nd Amanda Shulist.
Drum-Major: 1st Paul Lawrenson, 2nd Brendan Vallee.

Judges: Amy Garson, Rob Crabtree, Bob Worrall, Ed Bush, Steve Lanning.

(Results and report courtesy of Graeme Ogilvie.)


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