June 30, 2007

Veterans’ goes to Glengarry

Spencerville, Ontario – June 16, 2007 – For a change from the last few years of bad weather, the Veterans’ Memorial Highland Games drew bands and soloists from eastern Ontario and Upstate New York in an event not sanctioned by the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario. The Glengarry Pipe Band of Maxville, Ontario, won the Grade 2 event. Contests were judged by Ed Bush, Jim Bush, Amy Garson, Hugh Goldie, Andrew Hayes and Brian Williamson.

Grade 2

1st Glengarry
2nd Oran Mor

Grade 3
1st Mohawk Valley Frasers
2nd Arnprior-McNab

Grade 4
1st Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
2nd Rob Roy
3rd Sons of Scotland (Gr.4)

Grade 5
1st Sam Scott Memorial
2nd Syracuse Scottish
3rd Sons of Scotland (Gr.5)

Solo Piping
Grade 1:
March: 1st Andrew Killick, 2nd Daniel Cole, 3rd Allison MacDonald. S&R: 1st Andrew Killick, 2nd Allison MacDonald, 3rd Jonathan Verrett. Jig: 1st Andrew Killick, 2nd Daniel Cole, 3rd Allison MacDonald

Grade 2: March: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Amanda Bush, 3rd Matthew Yuen. S&R: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd Amanda Bush, 3rd John Scott. Jig: 1st Karrie McLeod, 2nd John Scott, 3rd Amanda Bush

Grade 3: March: 1st Nicholas Lundberg, 2nd Robert Fournier, 3rd Allison Bell. S&R: 1st Allison Bell, 2nd Nicholas Lundberg, 3rd Robert Fournier

Grade 4A: March: 1st Matt Goral, 2nd Vanessa Morin-Nappert, 3rd Liam Melville

Grade 4B: March: 1st MacGregor van de Ven, 2nd Michael McDonald, 3rd Eric Kilpatrick

Grade 5: March: 1st Graeme Burns, 2nd Adrienne Quane, 3rd Jamie Letourneau

1st Mike Fenton, 2nd Jonathan Verrett, 3rd Daniel Cole

Intermediate: 1st Lyle Davidson, 2nd Karrie McLeod

Junior: 1st David Campbell, 2nd Joan Taillefer, 3rd Nicholas Lundberg

Novice: 1st Matt Goral, 2nd MacGregor van de Ven, 3rd Lindsay Bell

Solo Drumming
Grade 1:
MSR: 1st Wesley Cole, 2nd John Pakenham. H/J: 1st John Pakenham, 2nd Wesley Cole

Grade 2: MSR: 1st Iain Bell. H/J: 1st Iain Bell

Grade 3: MSR: 1st Daryl Fowlie

Grade 4: March: 1st Tomm MacKenzie, 2nd James Riddick, 3rd Cailin Robertson

Grade 5: March: 1st Gabriel Grove, 2nd Billy Creber, 3rd Keegan Melville


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  1. I had a chance to hear both the MSR and Medley events in Gr2. I have to say the standard was quite high. Glengarry is at the top of their game, and I cant wait to hear them again.



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