August 31, 2010

Video coverage: MacColl wins another Todd Bar Challenge

Glasgow – August 12, 2010 – Four of the world’s very best purveyors of light music and piobaireachd put their entertainment and competitive skills to the test at the annual Lord Todd Invitational Solo Piping Recital-Challenge at the University of Strathclyde. Ultimately, Angus MacColl of Benderloch, Scotland, was considered the best of a great lot by a selection of unidentified judges scattered through the audience of more than 500.

Also performing were Stuart Liddell, Inveraray, Scotland; Gordon Walker, Galston, Scotland; and Bruce Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Walker was a last-minute substitute for Alasdair Gillies of Pittsburgh, who withdrew due to travel challenges returning from Lorient, Brittany.

One of Glasgow’s warmest nights prompted the temperature in the standing-room-only hall to rise to create an even greater challenge for the four pipers, each of whom received thunderous applause by the knowledgeable and appreciative audience.

Aside from having to perform for no more than 25 minutes and include an MSR and a ground of a piobaireachd, competitors could play whatever they wished.

John Wilson again was fear an tigh for the event, which was organized by Willie McCallum and the University staff. The Todd Recital-Challenge is recognized by many as the original event that inspired the entire Piping Live! Festival.


  1. If Jamie Troy, a young up and coming Canadian, came in fourth why didn’t you post a video clip of him rather than Walker and Gandy whom he beat? You should give the up and coming some coverage on their triumphs rather than just giving it to the old favorites.

  2. IF you had bothered to READ the article properly you would realise that it’s about the Todd Bar recital…..which Mr Troy didn’t even compete in. You are probably thinking about the Silver Cap competition in which he did….



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