December 31, 2004

Villaviciosa-El Gaitero wins XV League of Pipe Bands Championship

Amoeiro, Galicia – December 19, 2004 – Banda de Gaites “Villaviciosa-El Gaitero” was the big winner at the annual Asturian Pipe Band Championship, which saw more than 100 bands take part in five grades.

The contest comprised three rounds, with bands accruing points to gain the champion of champions title. All of the bands play with Asturian and Galician pipes, high- and medium-tension drums, and some with rope-tension drums.

Grade 1 (20 bands competed)
1st Banda de Gaites “Villaviciosa-El Gaitero” (Asturies)
2nd Banda de Gaitas “Ledicia” (Ourense)
3rd Banda de Gaitas “Toxos e Xestas” (Catalunya)
4th Banda de Gaitas “Nova Fronteira e Cartelle” (Ourense)
5th Banda de Gaitas “Concello de Verin” (Ourense)
6th Banda de Gaitas “Casa Galega de L´Hospitalet” (Catalunya)
Drumming: Banda de Gaites “Villaviciosa-El Gaitero”

Banda de Gaites “Villaviciosa-El Gaitero” attained 95 points out of a possible 100, the highest ever recorded in the league’s history. The band’s drum section received a perfect score of 25. Weather was cloudy but dry. There were four large tents for the competitions in case of rain.

The next competition in the league is on March 20 in Aveiro, Portugal, and the final contest will be in Manzaneda, Ourense. The overall winner will receive €9000 euros, or about $15,000.


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