December 31, 2005

We have a caption contest winner!

Grant Walker of Tranent, Scotland, is the winner of our caption contest with his wonderfully funny, “Disguised bank robbers escape, 25 members of Toronto police unable to spot them in crowd.” rising above the more than 175 entries from all over the world.

Walker’s entry was picked because it was one of very few that went beyond the Toronto Police Pipe Band, making a humourous connection to the police force, the crowd, and the clowns. Brilliant!

Grant receives a copy of the new DVD from Monarch Recordings’, Piping Up a Storm . . . piping, drumming and Highland festivities in Glasgow,

Walker actually had several runner-up entries that could well have won had he not named organizations outright: “[Pipe band] pipers on Canadian spying mission.” “[Pipe band association] Music Board seen in public for first time.” “[Pipe band] go under cover looking for sponsor, circus rumoured to be interested.”

Other near-winners:

“We’re looking for Zito The Bubble Man! Have any of you seen Zito The Bubble Man?”
– Michele Curtis, Ontario

“Three colorfully dressed clowns lead the Santa Claus Parade, followed by 12 of their associates carrying large whoopee cushions.”
– Rod Bain, California

“I will certainly complain to our union. Low wages and extended working hours I can deal with. But being forced to march in front of a pipe band, for God’s sake I cannot!”
– Eduardo Silvera, Uruguay

“The parade featured garish costumes, loud hair, odd make-up, strange behaviour, and there were some clowns, too!”
– Iain MacDonald, Saskatchewan

Probably 70 per cent of entries were about judges. Some went so far as to name individuals and associations. Robert Mathieson’s “All major contests will now have three ensemble adjudicators.” was a funny example of that comedy. The editor of Piper & Drummer Online was not named in any entry, clearly because he is loved by all.

Also mentioned a lot were tenor drummers and drum-majors. Gordon Rogers’s “I knew drum-majors were peacocks, but this is one step too far.” was a good one.

Many thanks to all who entered our contest, and particular thanks to the Toronto Police Pipe Band and Pipe-Major James MacHattie for being such good sports about it and actually encouraging Piper & Drummer Online to hold the contest.

Watch for other caption contests over the winter, and, if you have a picture that’s begging for a humourous caption, please feel free to submit it.

Disguised bank robbers escape, 25 members of Toronto police unable to spot them in crowd.




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