May 14, 2024

Association Leadership Spotlight: Alastair Patterson, Chair, RSPBA Northern Ireland – Part 2

We continue with Part 2 of our discussion with Alastair Patterson, chair of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association’s Northern Ireland Branch, the latest installment in our ongoing Association Leadership Spotlight series.

In Part 1, Patterson discussed the branch’s approach since he was elected to the top spot in 2022 and some of the highlights of his tenure so far.

Alastair Patterson

In Part 2, Alastair Patterson stresses the need for the RSPBA—and all associations—to be clear, transparent, and open-minded with its members and the communities it serves.

He also discusses the importance of respecting and learning from other ways of doing things, citing several non-UK examples of competitions and festivals that are not necessarily run by associations and, if they are, are in conjunction with other organizations.

Developing a formal but fluid plan for the future is an essential part of RSPBANI’s current work. Longer-range planning is infrequent with piping and drumming associations.

It’s an illuminating and candid conversation that should be typical of any association, but unfortunately, it is infrequent, rare, or even non-existent with some.

We hope you enjoy and learn from Part 2 of our interview with Alastair Patterson, chair of the RSPBA’s Northern Ireland branch.

We thank Alastair Patterson and the RSPBANI team for making this interview possible.

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