May 24, 2015

Atholl Gathering overall goes to Ben Duncan

Blair Atholl, Scotland – May 24, 2015 – Ben Duncan was the overall “Champion Piper” at the 2015 Atholl Gathering, winning every event in which he played. Weather was changeable, rapidly going from cold to warm, sunny to rainy. Glenfiddich was a sponsor of the events.

Ben Duncan with some of the spoils of victory at the Atholl Gathering. [Photo: Derek Maxwell]
1st Gordon Bruce
2nd Daroch Urquhart
3rd Peter McAlister
4th Jamie Forester
5th Jonathan Greenlees
6th Michael Fitzhenry
Judges: Tom Speirs, Bill Wotherspoon

1st Ben Duncan
2nd Cameron MacDougall
3rd Edward Gaul
4th Gordon Barclay
5th Andrew Hall
Judges: Murray Henderson, Andrew Wright

1st Andrew Bova
2nd Ben Mulhearn
3rd Calum Wynd
4th John MacDonald
5th Gary Carruthers
Judges: Ronald Clark, Stuart Shedden

Light Music
Open MSR
1st Ben Duncan
2nd Alan Russell
3rd Keith Bowes
4th Calum Watson
5th Greig Wilson
Judges: James Banks, Patricia Henderson, John MacDougall, Duncan McDiarmid

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Ben Duncan
2nd Keith Bowes
3rd Ross Millar
4th Greig Wilson
5th Callum Watson

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