July 31, 2010

Audio: Portland Metro wins Grade 2 overall at Portland games

Portland, Oregon – July 17, 2010 – The Portland Metro Pipe Band emerged as the overall winner in Grade 2 at their home-ground competition. Portland came out ahead overall, based on piping preference, over two bands more accustomed to winning, New Westminster Police and Prince Charles. Simon Fraser University won the two-band Grade 1 event. The band judges were Adrian Melvin and Troy Colin Mackenzie (piping); James P. (ensemble) and Andrew Hoinacki (drumming).

Grade 1 (two competed)
1st Simon Fraser University (click here to listen to SFU’s MSR performance)
2nd Dowco-Triumph Street (click here to listen to Dowco-Triumph Street’s MSR performance)

Drumming: SFU

1st Simon Fraser University
2nd Dowco-Triumph Street

Drumming: SFU

Grade 2 (four competed)
1st Portland Metro
2nd Prince Charles
3rd New Westminster Police

Drumming: Prince Charles

1st New Westminster Police
2nd Prince Charles
3rd Portland Metro

Drumming: Prince Charles

Grade 3 (medley, two competed)
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial
2nd Washington Scottish

Drumming: Robert Malcolm Memorial

Grade 4 (medley, five competed)
1st Northwest Junior

Drumming: Northwest Junior

Professional Solo Piping
1st Jack Lee
2nd Andrew Bonar
3rd Alastair Lee
4th Colin Lee
5th Richard Gillies
6th Jori Chisholm

Judges: James P. Troy, Adrian Melvin

1st Alan Bevan
2nd Alastair Lee
3rd Andrew Bonar
4th Jack Lee
5th Colin Lee
6th Will Nichols

Judge: Rob Menzies

Hornpipe & Jig:
1st Alan Bevan
2nd Jori Chisholm
3rd Brian McKenzie
4th Colin Lee
5th Alastair Lee
6th Andrew Bonar

Judge: Angus Macpherson

Professional Solo Snare Drumming
1st David Bowman
2nd Cameron Reid
3rd Kyle Wallis

Judge: Andre Tessier




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