August 04, 2016

BCPA announces 2016 Grand Aggregate winners

The British Columbia Pipers Association announced the winners of its overall Grand Aggregate Awards at the Pacifica Northwest Highland Games at Seattle on July 30, 2016. The overall band and solo prizes in each grade are decided from points accrued in sanctioned competitions over the season.

At the Seattle games Grade 2 Portland Metro received eight straight first-placings in the two-even two-band competition against Robert Malcolm Memorial II. Simon Fraser University was the only band in Grade 1.

BCPA 2016 Grand Aggregate Winners
Grade 1: Simon Fraser University
Grade 2: Portland Metro
Grade 3: Greighlan Crossing
Grade 4: Northwest Junior
Grade 5: Robert Malcolm Memorial V

Pipe-Majors of 2016 BCPA Grand Aggregate-winning bands (L-R): Robert Malcolm Memorial V, Northwest Junior, Greighlan Crossing, Portland Metro, Simon Fraser University.

Solo Piping
Open: Jori Chisholm
Grade 1: Tori Killoran
Grade 2: Charles Morris
Grade 3: Sam Toohey
Grade 4: Vienna Scheyer
Grade 5: Callum Bevan
Beginner: Ronan Terry
Adult: Barry Kirk

Solo piping 2016 BCPA Grand Aggregate winners (L-R): Ronan Terry, Callum Bevan, Vienna Scheyer, Sam Toohey, Charles Morris, Tori Killoran, Barry Kirk.

Solo Drumming
Open: Grant Maxwell
Grade 1: Bryce Kreger
Grade 2: Robert Graham Jr.
Grade 3: Blake Prescott
Grade 4: Dean Jones
Beginner: Robyn Watts and Keshavasya Lowe

Open: Terrance Cadiente
Grade 1: Bridget Hall
Grade 2: Ben VanDerBurg

2016 BCPA Grand Aggregate Solo Drumming winners (L-R): Robyn Watts, Dean Jones, Blake Prescott, Robert Graham, Bryce Kreger, Bridget Hall.




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