July 17, 2017

Benoni beats Jocks at Bedfordview

Bedfordview, South Africa – July 15, 2017 – The Grade 2 Benoni MacTalla won the penultimate contest of the South African pipe band season at the St. Benedict’s Gathering, held at St. Benedict’s College. The event was the final contest of the Regional Championship series and, despite Benoni’s win, it is the Transvaal Scottish – the “Jocks” – who captured Regional Championship overall title. The South African season ends in two weeks with the Benoni Gathering where the South African Championship and Champion of Champions titles will be decided.

Grade 2
1st Benoni MacTalla
2nd Transvaal Scottish
3rd Spirit of Richmond
4th 1 Medical Battalion A

Grade 3
1st African Skye (Gr3) (PBASA Regional Championships Winners)
2nd Transvaal Scottish Grade 3
3rd SA Irish
4th Glen Allen

Grade 4
1st Pretoria Highlanders
2nd African Skye (Gr4) (PBASA Regional Championships Winners)
3rd Benoni (Gr4)
4th Cornwall Hill Grade 4
5th De La Salle Combined
6th KES

1st St. Benedict’s Juvenile
2nd Jeppe Juvenile (PBASA Regional Championships Winners)
3rd Pretoria Boys Juvenile

Novice Juvenile
1st Benoni Novice Juvenile (PBASA Regional Championships Winners)
2nd St. Benedict’s Novice Juvenile
3rd Cornwall Hill Novice Juvenile
4th Jeppe Novice Juvenile
5th KES




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