February 17, 2019

Celebrate the World’s Solstice!

It’s exactly six months out and six months in, the day that the sun rises precisely over the tip of the Monument to Lord Nelson, casting a shadow arrow pointing to centre of the competition circle of the arena at Glasgow Green, as stoned druid pipers and drummers dressed in burlap kilts and Birkenstocks dance around in a spiritual homage to the Father of modern pipe bands, Tom McAllister Sr.

Well, not really, but it’s a good time to warm up the hands and heart to look forward to the greatest display of pipe band prowess, scheduled this year for August 17.

The pipes|drums team has pulled together a video of highlight sights and sounds from last year’s great gallus orgy of piping and drumming at Glasgow Green, last year won by Field Marshal Montgomery of Northern Ireland, the twelfth time they’ve lifted that crazy spike trophy.

+ World Champions 2018: Field Marshal Montgomery

We hope you enjoy revisiting the 2018 World’s, as the days close in and you set your plans in place for this year’s event.





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