July 01, 2015

Concert formation popular at Chicago; back in the future

Greater Midwest at the Chicago Highland Games.

Chicago – June 20, 2015 – Midwest Pipe Band Association President Jim Sim said that feedback from bands and spectators has been positive after using an open formation at the Chicago Highland Games, so the organization already plans to use it in 2016. Competing Grade 2 and Grade 3 bands played the Medley event in “concert formation,” after the MSR and Grade 4 and Grade 5 bands competed in the traditional circle. For the concert layout, a large rectangle shape was painted on the ground and the bands were allowed to form up in whatever manner they chose within the space. Judges were stationary at a table at the front of the bands, with piping adjudicators on the outside and drumming and ensemble judges in the middle.

“The new formation was very well received by the bands and the crowd alike,” Sim said. While the Grade 2 event was uncontested with only Greater Midwest playing, Grade 3 was won by the Midlothian Scottish against four others. Relatively large total prizes were offered: Grade 2 US$3,700; Grade 3 US$3,200; Grade 4 $2,800, and Grade 5 US$1,100. Proceeds from the games went to the Scottish Home in North Riverside, Illinois.

Judges for all events were Brian Donaldson, Tom Weithers (piping); Doug Stronach (drumming); and Ken Eller (ensemble).

Grade 2 (one played)
1st Greater Midwest

1st Greater Midwest

Midlothian Scottish

Grade 3 (five competed)
1st Midlothian Scottish
2nd Kansas City St. Andrew
3rd Wake & District
4th Chicago Celtic
5th Chicago Scots
Drumming: Midlothian Scottish
Bass & Mid-section: Wake & District

1st Midlothian Scottish (1,1,2,1)
2nd Wake & District (5,4,1,2)
3rd Kansas City St. Andrew (3,3,4,3)
4th Chicago Scots (2,2,5,4)
5th Chicago Celtic (4,5,3,5)

Wake & District

1st Midlothian Scottish (1,1,1,1)
2nd Kansas City St. Andrew (2,2,5,3)
3rd Chicago Celtic (3,4,2,4)
4th Wake & District (5,5,3,2)
5th Chicago Scots (4,3,4,5)

Grade 4 (medley, five competed)
1st 87th Cleveland (2,2,1,1)
2nd St. Andrew Society of Central Illinois (1,1,3,2)
3rd Chicago Highlanders (3,3,2,3)
4th Minnesota Police (4,4,5,4)
5th Chicago Stockyard Kilty (5,5,4,5)
Bass & Mid-section: Chicago Highlanders

Grade 5 (quick-march medley, 12 competed)
1st Turlach Ur (2,1,3,3)
2nd Kansas City St. Andrew (Gr5) (3,6,1,2)
3rd Omaha (5,9,2,1)
4th Madison (1,2,11,5)
5th Celtic Cross (4,7,6,4)
6th Firefighters Highland Guard (6,8,5,6)
Bass & Mid-section: Kansas City St. Andrew (Gr5)

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