Published: September 22, 2013

Coyle, McMichael, McNicholl on top at All-Ireland solos

Dublin – September 21, 2013 – A strong turnout of pipers and drummers attended the All-Ireland solo competitions at Trinity Comprehensive in Ballymun. Kris Coyle and Ashley McMichael, both players with Field Marshal Montgomery, won the top piping prizes, while Chris McNicholl took the big drumming award.


1st Kris Coyle
2nd Ashley McMichael
3rd Ben Greaves

1st Andrew Gray
2nd Shane Lillis
3rd Alastair Donaghy

Light Music

1st Ashley McMichael
2nd Kris Coyle
3rd Kevin Rogers

1st Jamie Gibson
2nd Alan Glenholmes
3rd Ross Hume

Junior A
1st Scott Barr
2nd Andrew Gray
3rd Elaine Stone

Junior B
1st Sean Moloney
2nd Lachie Dick
3rd Michael Milner

Snare Drumming

1st Chris McNicholl
2nd Michael McKenna
3rd Gavin Noade

1st Aaron MacLean
2nd Jason Hoy
3rd Alastair Hopper

Junior A
1st Jonathan Hoy
2nd John Murphy
3rd Mark Featherstone

Junior B
1st Matthew McCahon
2nd Damien Russell
3rd Patrick J. Moloney


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