April 03, 2017

St. Thomas Alumni takes Dunedin

Dunedin, Florida – April 1, 2017 – The St. Thomas Alumni Pipe Band of Houston was the overall winner in Grade 2 at the 51st annual Dunedin Highland Games, one of the biggest events in the American south, enjoying the usual spectacular weather. Nick Hudson of Houston won the Professional Piper of the Day award, while Zach Goodrick gained the Professional Drummer of the Day prize. Amateur Grade 1 Piper of the Day was Chris Knife, and Amateur Grade 1 Drummer of the Day was Cameron McCall.

Grade 2
1st St. Thomas Alumni
2nd City of Dunedin
3rd Atlanta
Drumming: St. Thomas Alumni

1st St. Thomas Alumni
2nd City of Dunedin
3rd Atlanta
Judges: Andrew Lee, Stuart Liddell (piping); Terry Lee (ensemble); John Fisher (drumming)

1st City of Dunedin
2nd St. Thomas Alumni
3rd Atlanta
Judges: Terry Lee, Ken Eller (piping); Stuart Liddell (ensemble); John Fisher (drumming)

Grade 3
Dunedin High School
Drumming: Dunedin High School

Grade 4
1st Atlanta
2nd City of Dunedin
3rd North Georgia
Drumming: City of Dunedin

Grade 5
1st North Texas Caledonia
2nd City of Dunedin
3rd Dunedin Middle School
Drumming: City of Dunedin




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