March 20, 2024

Former Winners’ MSR at Scottish Pipers’ Association still has room

The annual Scottish Pipers’ Association Solo Piping Competition has been a staple on the UK calendar since 1920. This year’s event will occur on April 6th at the National Piping Centre’s McPhater Street headquarters.

Nine events will be held across all CPA grade levels, including an MSR for previous winners of the Open MSR, and an Open Piobaireachd for those with a Premier or A-grade and a membership with the SPA.

SPA President Logan Tannock said that spots are still available to those eligible to compete in the Formers Winners MSR, but the B- and C-Grade events have reached their capacities, with entries closing on March 24th at 1 pm GMT.

To compete, pipers need to have a paid-up membership with the SPA, “however you do not need to be a member to come along and listen [to a] a full day’s entertainment for only £5,” Tannock added.

The day starts with the C-grade Piobaireachd and light music and the Open MSR, followed by the Former Winners MSR. The Open Piobaireachd will follow the Open light music, and the B-grade Piobaireachd will follow the C-grade light music.

The judges are all lined up:

  • Euan Anderson
  • Robert Barnes
  • Alan Forbes
  • Peter Hunt
  • Tom Johnstone
  • Roddy Livingstone
  • Ronnie McShannon
  • Jack Taylor
  • Robert Wallace
  • Bill Wotherspoon

The SPA competitions are among the most traditional non-invitational indoor events on the UK’s solo piping schedule. Winners of the major prizes include many of history’s greatest Scottish pipers. The organization’s roots date back to the Scottish Pipers’ Union in 1910.

The SPA was officially started in 1920 by John MacDougall Gillies, Willie Gray, Alastair Hutcheon, Charles MacEachern, James MacIvor, George MacDonald, John MacLean, Willie MacLean, Archie McPhedran, Iain MacPherson, Robert Reid, and George Yardley.





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