September 30, 2010

Gordon Walker royally good at Braemar

Braemar, Scotland – September 4, 2010 – The day after the Northern Meeting brought a strong group of 37 competitors to the Royal Braemar Highland Gathering, under cool, cloudy and breezy conditions with very brief moments of sun.  The piobaireachd contest finished after 6:30 pm long, after the royal family departed and the thousands of people had emptied the field.  Gordon Walker won the overall.

1st Marion Horsburgh, New Zealand
2nd Gordon Walker, Galston, Scotland
3rd Brendan Eade, New Zealand
4th Andrew Carlisle, Northern Ireland
5th Matt Pantaleoni, St. Louis
6th John-Angus Smith, London

Judges: Norman Mathieson, Malcolm McRae, Tom Speirs

1st Gordon Walker
2nd Jori Chisholm, Seattle
3rd Andrea Boyd, Glasgow
4th Andrew Carlisle
5th John-Angus Smith
6th Matt MacIsaac, Winnipeg

Judges: Jimmy Banks, Ian Duncan, Sandy Spence

Strathspey & Reel
1st Gordon Walker
2nd Jori Chisholm
3rd Andrea Boyd
4th Andrew Carlisle
5th Matt MacIsaac
6th William Nichols, Blaine, Washington

Judges: Jimmy Banks, Ian Duncan, Sandy Spence




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