Published: November 30, 2010

HD videos: 2010 Sherriff Memorial Champion: Andrew Laird


  1. Progress is slow, but you’re out in front again. All scarved and warmly clothed like Ian Handsomemanthing himself, bringing context to this series of recordings. I’d guess you realize you’re onto something here, and it’s now only a matter of getting permission to do this kind of thing for some big events”. I’d say pitch the Glenfiddich for rights and see where that goes…though one might guess at some serious pushback from vested interests. Great start

  2. Tremendous video coverage of the Sherriff, Andrew. This brings the event to everyone just as it was on the day… the next level of reporting events… keep it up. Ken Eller

  3. I agree that the timely posting of the videos makes the magazine an entertaining and cutting edge resource. But how about some multiple camera angles? Just kidding! — John McDonald, California


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