April 05, 2016

Herron resigns from RSPBA after 30 years’ service

that the publicly-funded broadcaster invests significant resources to deliver to a global audience.

Herron’s full resignation comes less than two weeks before the Ulster Solo Piping and Drumming Competition, a project that he helped to spearhead and for which he would have been the chief organizer.

Mervyn Herron’s letter of resignation of April 4, 2016, follows in full and verbatim:

Dear President/Chairman

I have worked tirelessly in the planning and execution of Pipe Band competitions in Northern Ireland and further afield for over 30 years. Following on from the shameful voting and other procedures at the 2015 Annual general meeting.

It has become quite clear that there has been an orchestrated campaign against me for some time. Consequently, I have consulted widely and agonised not only with local bands and supporters, but more recently with other advisors. As a consequence of engagement with the latter, it is clear that there are still very significant issues around the Annual General Meeting, and indeed the wider processes of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association NI Branch which need further scrutiny. I fully intend to deal with all these matters via the various channels open to me in due course.

The purpose of this letter is to inform the membership that with immediate effect I hereby resign as Contest Committee Chairman.

It is obvious that there has been a campaign mounted to replace me firstly from the board of directors and as a direct result of that action it makes my other position within the branch untenable. Any attempt to suggest that this resignation has been done vindictively will be referred to my advisors. It is disappointing and heartbreaking to note that I have had little or no contact with senior officers of the Branch since the November meeting, even though we are only weeks away from the start of a new season no communication has been maintained. The recent clear the air meeting did not achieve anything. I fail to see how under the circumstances I could possibly work effectively for the bands and present credible events to our supporters in a way I have always done with relative success.

I can say this is not the ravings of one individual who has simply lost a vote. What happened to me goes to the very heart, the ethos and founding principles of the RSPBA. It is a sad reflection on the vindictive behaviour from senior RSPBA members who would stop at nothing to get their desired outcome.

It is worthy of note that the individuals who gained votes from other non attending bands at the Annual meeting reverted back to their original bands in January “job done.”

I am very grateful for the complete and unequivocal support that I have had from various bands and individuals, who are disgusted at the shameful treatment I have received for quite some time.

Maybe it is time for the members to have your say this time without the fear factor.

Finally, I would call on those directly involved in this matter who have a conscience to consider their positions.

Yours faithfully,
Mervyn Herron

RSPBA Chief Exceutive Ian Embelton was invited by pipes|drums to provide its side to the story, but at publication time no response had been received. We will be pleased to add it should the association decide to clarify its position on the matter.





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