Published: April 19, 2015

Judges meet for annual spring PPBSO seminar

minimum three-week window for pipers and drummers transferring from one band to another. He added that it was likely that North American organizations would try out scoresheets that eliminate all tick-boxes.

The seminar included a discussion led by Ed Neigh of the new PPBSO “Mini-MSR” for Grade 4 pipe bands. Various questions were addressed, including a few on the flexibility bands might have on how they approach playing two-parts of tunes, and concluded that bands are free to play any two parts from tunes with three or more parts.

Afternoon sessions on “Chanter Pitch, Intervals, and Relative Tuning” and “Ensemble” produced lively dialog and debate, demonstrating again that approaching subjective adjudication with a relatively open mind can be the most effective approach.

Eighty-seven accredited judges are on the PPBSO’s active roster. To maintain good standing, adjudicators are expected to attend at least one professional development session with the PPBSO or other recognized association at least once every two years.

Judges in attendance were:

  • Pete Aumonier
  • Andrew Berthoff
  • Dan Bist
  • Tom Bowen
  • Andrea Boyd
  • Ross Brown
  • Hugh Cameron
  • Jacob Dicker
  • Chris Dodson
  • John Elliott
  • Syd Girling
  • Ed Gorman
  • Steven Hill
  • Trish Kirkwood
  • Charlie MacDonald
  • Norman MacDonald
  • Lynda Mackay
  • Reay Mackay (by Skype)
  • Glenna Mackay-Johnstone
  • Reay Mackay
  • Ellen Mole
  • Ed Neigh
  • Brian Williamson
  • Larry Willis
  • Bob Worrall


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