June 06, 2016

Simpson enjoys best overall at Markinch

Jonathon Simpson (taken at Harris, not Markinch).

Markinch, Scotland – June 5, 2016 – The annual Markinch games in Fife had a healthy entry, with 11 in the juniors and 12 in the senior contest. The morning was overcast with a temperature of 10 degrees for the junior competition.  The sun appeared and raised the temperature to 16 degrees for the senior competitors, but with the boards in cold shade pipes struggled to hold.  The solo competitions and band competition were held on opposite sides of the park, so there was no interference, save a generator running next to the MSR contests. The event was well organized and well presented in a lovely setting. Results were fairly scattered, but Jonathon Simpson had the best overall day in the seniors, based on piobaireachd preference.

1st Jonathan Simpson, Bo’ness, Scotland, “Lament for the Viscount of Dundee”
2nd Andrew Bova, Glasgow, “The End of the Great Bridge”
3rd Callum Wynd, Stirling, Scotland
4th Brian Lamond, Dunfermline, Scotland, “The Little Spree”
Judges: Andrew Frater, Andrew Wright

1nd Dan Nevans, Glasgow, “Murdo MacLeod,” “MacBeth’s Strathspey,” “Major David Manson”
2nd Brian Lamond
3rd Calum Watson, Lasswade, Scotland
4th Ciaren Ross, Alva, Scotland
Judges: James Banks, Roderick Barron

1st Lewis Russell, Livingstone, Scotland
2nd Liam Brown, Johnshaven, Scotland
3rd Christopher Happs, Gorebridge, Scotland
4th Douglas Mair, Kinross, Scotland
Judges: Andrew Wright, Andrew Frater

1st Lewis Russell
2nd Douglas Mair
3rd Liam Brown
4th Matthew Clark, Methil, Scotland
Judges: James Banks, Roderick Barron




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